Crossed-over to Other Realms

Luigi N. Spring
Luigi N. Spring Author Interview

Sorcerers Prayer is a genre-crossing novel with elements of mystery, suspense, and culture as well. Did you start writing with this in mind, or did this happen organically as you were writing?

In 2014, I was walking into the ocean (off of Honolulu, Oahu) to take a mile long dip. I thought to myself, after having read all of the Dan Brown and James Rollins novels while attempting to get my virgin aquaponic garden business off the ground, ‘I can write my own Hawaiian thriller’. While engaging in research at the Hawaii State Public Library, concerning newspapers and letters from the 1800’s–complete with white cotton gloves and a spatula to flip the pages–I learned about a Honolulu judge who relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii and started a religious cult; two law officers were killed during a religious luau/festival. I spun it off from there. It started off as a thriller and holistically crossed-over to other realms. In addition, with my fun-loving persona, I could not help but weave in an additional genre – humor. Other reviewers stated that the location (the Hawaiian culture and environment) is an ancillary category.

Kawika is an interesting and well defined character. What were some driving ideals behind his character development?

For the most part, Kawika is an extension of myself. I was once a biology professor at a local Oahu college and fell in love with the life and culture that is Hawaii. The character’s adventurous, athletic, intellectual, and holistic interests were autobiographical in nature.

I enjoyed the mystery at the heart of this story. Did you plan the mystery before writing or did it develop while writing?

Initially, I did not employ an outline and the stories were molded on the fly. I would order a chai tea at *$, take out my composition book and pen, and then composed with an impassioned long-hand; I could not write fast enough to keep up with the creative flow. As numerous authors have previously stated, ‘the book wrote itself’.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Sorcerers’ Prayer: Book 1 Sacred Idol is the first part of a trilogy which is currently in its 4th edition polished state. I plan to finish amending Books 2.1 (Precious Blood) and 2.2 (Honor and Majesty) by the end of August 2020. I currently possess extensive notes for Book 3 (Eutropos) and I’m nearly ready to get back on that caffeinated and literary galloping horse. As Orson Scott Card looped back expertly with the supporting characters of “Ender’s Game”, I am currently mulling over a similar circumstance with the Sorcerers’ Prayer procession, to create another limb of the burgeoning ensemble.

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An immortal man—known as The Judge—is exacting revenge on the great-grandchildren of a jezebel who was responsible for his eternal disfigurement. He employs the aid of a computer hacker to stalk the woman’s present-day descendants; The Judge then conducts their eternal souls—via ancient ceremonies—upriver to the Great Beyond. A homicide detective calls in a professor of Hawaiian anthropology in an attempt to decipher the ritualistic clues at a murder scene; soon afterwards, the expert and his family become the hunted. As they perish, one by one, the professor is goaded into facing The Judge in a midnight showdown at the vacant royal palace.

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