Dead Earth Dreaming

Dead Earth Dreaming by Rik Valuks is the story of our future if change does not occur soon! The story follows Kelly, aka C-22108/3, and the detective who’s hunting him down. Kelly is on the run after escaping a corrupt government’s rehabilitation center. Along the way, Kelly meets up with a couple of misfits and befriends an anarchist named Lug. Car obsessed Lug wants to fight government corruption and takes Kelly along for the ride with him. Can Kelly and Lug beat the odds stacked against them? Floating cities, classism, biohazardous-waste, gangs, and anarchy make for an enthralling dystopian tale!

Valuks wrote Dead Earth Dreaming back in 1999, but many of the plot points/devices throughout this novel are eerily similar to current affairs. What may have been surreal in the 90s, like a raging pandemic and climate change, has become real. Valkus is not afraid to tackle these topics and the conspiracies behind them. He does not sugar-coat his prose to comfort the reader; his writing makes you feel the urgency of these real-life issues.

My favorite part about this book was its discussion of classism. Valuks depicts this accurately with the use of segregation, law enforcement brutality, and lack of regard for the less fortunate by the elites. He is able to paint vivid and realistic portrayals of these issues with his descriptive writing.

The character development in this novel is fast paced but never-ending! Valuks covers a majority of Kelly’s backstory within the first chapter! Although, Valuks doesn’t stop there, he continues to flesh out his characters up until the very end of this book. His characters feel like real people, unlike most novels that have characters who resemble mere shells of a human. I must say that at times I felt that this book would benefit from a glossary. With such a complex plot, a glossary of character, city, and event names would have helped the story flow a bit more smoothly.

Valuks has a gift for detailed world-building. In every scene, he describes what the character is seeing down to the smallest of details. He also created a complex but realistic society with its own form of electricity and agriculture. These were nice and appreciated touches. Dead Earth Dreaming is a thrilling dystopian novel that is elevated by the cyberpunk themes it expertly uses to tell a riveting science fiction story.

Pages: 300 | ASIN: B08D3G9LP7

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