The Nature of Man

Richard E. Bonostro Author Interview

Scented reimagines the battle of the sexes by having men’s intelligence reliant on womens DNA in a politically divisive society. What was the inspiration for the setup to this riveting story?

The last thing the world needs is another novel about race relations. This novel offered me another means to repackage our ability to strip another human being of every ounce of dignity in order to ingratiate ourselves with cohorts. Scented lays bare at the readers feet the nature of man that cannot change regardless of his circumstance.

The dichotomy between The Mantle and the Rune was intriguing. What were some themes you wanted to explore in each party?

I couldn’t help but think about the struggle Europeans went through when large segments of their population fought off the State mandated indoctrination of religious and political ideologies. In fact, just about every era in history is about two factions with different ideologies squaring off at the expense of the common man. It was those very same themes that I wanted to revisit because we really haven’t learned from our past, have we?

I enjoyed the characters in your novel. Who was your favorite character to write for?

Strangely, writing the Jadda’s lines was the best thrill I had writing this novel. There’s something about this middle-aged woman that fascinates me. She has no super power other than her genetic predisposition to retain large streams of data. Yet, she commands with force and her stoic brutally that says more than any line I could have written for her.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on the sequel to Scented at the moment and it should be available in the next two years. I’m a full time teacher, so I can only write when I’m off.

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Scented: The Status Quo is set in a dystopian society where males of the Rune Party depend on female genes to become fully mature intelligent beings. The Mantle, an all-female watchdog group, seeks to usurp political power to even the plain field. The Mantle had long rumored that the Ma’at, an all-powerful woman would emerge to redeem women as rulers once again, but powerful forces amongst the males are determined to maintain the status quo—at all cost.
Scented: The Status Quo establishes the struggle between the sexes in a world where it does matter who you sleep with. Males are born mentally neutered until they are scented by a woman. Parents carefully choose educated women whose DNA will complete the man they have cultivated. Evan Abram is one such man. He soon learns after inheriting his father’s job as Commissioner of Surveyors that his wife, Marla, is an agent for the Mantle. Evan’s career is on the fringes, and an ambitious senator consistently nips at Evan’s heels for the capture of the legendary Ma’at who has been reversing key scentings. Despite these setbacks, Evan rebounds in the arms of his secretary who helps him to regain his confidence. Meanwhile, the ambitious senator launches his secret plan to usurp the two opposing political parties: The Mantle and the Rune.

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