The Secret Journal

The Secret Journal (God Stones Book 1) by [Otto Schafer]

The Secret Journal by Otto Schafer is an intriguing story of two intertwined lives of Garrett Turek and Breanne Moore. The story is an archaeological narrative with a touch of family, friendship, magic, and loyalty. Breanne Moore, a young lady being brought up by a single father, stumbles upon a mysterious artifact that holds secrets like Pandora’s box. Garret on the other hand is a young normal boy living his life under the pressure of his father. Garret and his friends find a journal in the basement of an old Victorian house and the secrets buried under their town come to life. When Garrett and Breanne’s paths cross, they realize that so much is at stake and they have to act fast before everything falls to shambles.

Otto Schafer has created a uniquely captivating story. The author connects the history of Ancient Egypt and the modern world in a meticulous yet engaging manner. The Secret Journal sets places the bar high for the rest of the series. The plot development of the novel is impressive and every small detail is captured to ensure that the readers are not lost

Every character is crafted carefully, and I enjoyed the slow evolution of their characters that unfolded throughout the entirety of the novel. Otto is such a diverse writer that he was able to differentiate each character in the book. Characters you empathize with are crucial to telling a good thriller and Otto Schafer has succeeded. Practically every chapter ends on a cliffhanger which made it difficult for me to find a spot to put the book down. The mystery at the heart of this story is beguiling but never bewildering, I understood what was happening, and why, even as the twists came.

The use of vivid imagery helped to immerse me in a world that is fully realized and painstakingly created. One minute you are in Egypt and the other you are in a basement somewhere in Illinois without getting lost for even a second. The Secret Journal is a thrilling young adult adventure story that is relentlessly entertaining.

Pages: 452 | ASIN: B081ZFMNB3

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