Yearn to Fear: Australian Spy Thriller

Yearn to Fear: Australian Spy Thriller - The Lamarr Series Book 1 by [Chas Murrell]

The Australian government is sponsoring research on the Lamarr chip, an invention that could improve data download speed beyond anything the world has ever seen. But right there at CSIRO, the agency spearheading the research, there’s a network of industrial espionage woven around the project. Project manager Sarah Pease, electronic engineer Marcus Hall, and their friends find themselves unwittingly caught in this web of conspiracy and espionage. As research into the Lamarr chip turns up startling results and unexpected discoveries, the scramble to take control of the resulting innovations heightens. In a race against time, the Australian government must protect its project from the vicious claws of clandestine forces while attempting to secure the lives of innocent citizens caught in the skirmish.

Chas Murrell’s Yearn to Fear is an Australian spy thriller brimming with political intrigue and nail biting situations. Murrell’s debut novel has all the workings of a typical tale of espionage. From conceited spymasters to accidental civilian detectives, lofty deceptions to astute deductions, the author throws in all the spy thriller ingredients but not without his distinct personal touch.

Author Chas Murrell spins a seemingly straightforward tale that quickly becomes anything but that – a very welcomed twist if you ask me. I mean, what’s a spy novel without some moments that will have you scratching your head? Don’t fret though, every move is well explained, and in the end, you’ll have answers to your questions.

The book is doused with several moments of tension that keep you dangling deliciously on the cusp of the truth. On the one hand, you want to scurry to the end of the page and find out what happens. On the other hand, you also want to prolong the suspense because it’s so exciting. I also love how an even-keeled plot suddenly switches to a story unfolding at neck-breaking speed.

I couldn’t miss the well-placed humor and banter too. The book includes delightful tongue-in-cheek moments and comments that add flavor to the story and provide much needed comic relief amidst the tension.

Reading this book is an excellent way to be entertained and learn a couple of fascinating facts about the human mind, tech, guns, and even whiskey. Somehow, our Aussie author was able to create a book with just the right dose of cool nerdy stuff to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Yearn to Fear is the first part of a trilogy, and that revelation has me excited. If the sequels turn out to be half as good as this one, then the author’s getting a place on my list of “super-cool Australian authors to keep an eye on.” Inaugural entrant or not, getting on that list speaks volumes of his writing prowess.

Pages: 351 | ASIN: B08MTFMK6J

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