Someone’s Story

Someone's Story by [B.A. Bellec, Sheila Harris]

Someone’s Story by award winning author B.A. Bellec follows a seventeen-year-old teenager who wants to be referred to as “Someone”. When young, naive, and inherently “weird” Someone moves to a new town and is suddenly faced with the grueling challenges of adapting in high school; academics, crushes, bullying, and making friends in an environment not suited for many personality types, especially introverts. As Someone navigates through the complexities of high school life, he struggles with the feeling of not belonging, friends who don’t really want the best for him, friends who do, and the most daunting of all; mental illness. And so as he goes through all these seemingly normal activities, Someone is dealing with an internal struggle which leads to a couple of surprising plot twists and a mind-blowing finale.

This book is written in a poetic narrative using short and simple sentences which is similar to the way actual modern day teenagers speak. The writing style is unorthodox, but it makes for a wonderful literary treat. The pacing is somewhat slow at the beginning, and it feels like the plot is just random occurrences happening to the main character. However as the story progresses, these connect with each other to form the plot as a whole. Also, what at first seems like a mundane high school story – typical mean popular kids, the outcasts, and inspirational teachers- evolves into a series of surprising plot twists that keep the story fresh and interesting.

A very important aspect of this book is the way the main character (Someone) is written. It is revealed that he struggles with mental illness. But what really matters is the way it is portrayed. Someone is shown to go to parties, make friends, and do okay academically, which is pretty accurate. People hear depression and expect the character to be bed-ridden and unable to complete basic daily life tasks but that is not usually the case, and it’s beautiful how this book shows that mental illness can come in many shapes and sizes and could be happening to anyone.

Someone’s Story is a uniquely thoughtful young adult novel that accurately portrays what mental illness can feel like both for the person who struggles with it and the people around them. This is an impassioned and emotionally resonant story that will stay with you for a long time.

Pages: 330 | ASIN: B086Q2Y41W

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