A GOD-CENTERED VIEW OF SALVATION: A Theocentric Perspective of the Gospel by [Allen Steely]

Author Allen M. Steely explains to Christians what it means to be saved in his thought-provoking book A God-Centered View of Salvation. Everyone has their own definition of salvation, depending on how they relate with God and the church. In his book, Allen Steely lays it all out and explains how to do Christianity right, live righteously and get to be God’s chosen child. I like how the author starts the book by asking simple questions which he gives answers to. The author writes extensively and in detail, talking about faith and being a believer. Whether talking about God, human beings or whichever subject, the author uses a unique way of presenting facts and stories that help one relate to the topic being discussed.

A God Centered View of Salvation is a book that will trigger your interest in history. The author talks of different churches in the middle ages, and how change in the church had an impact in today’s ministry. The author talks of the missteps made by old churches and advises Christians today on which path to take. Reading this book was a wonderful experience and makes one have a sense of fulfillment in being a believer. While reading the book, I notice that the author does not move away from the main topic even when he introduces a new subject. This helps the reader focus on the main subject and gets one to fully understand the text being discussed.

The bible is an important book for every Christian. Allen Steely explains the significance of reading the bible often and understanding God’s word. The author also gives tips on how to interpret the teachings in the bible, which was helpful as not many people know how to interpret the scriptures. While talking about salvation and religion as a whole, the author added bible scriptures in between the paragraphs. This was a brilliant idea, by including the bible verses he encourages readers to read the bible more by having the verses as references. Each verse Allen Steely added had a lesson that would assist believers in their journey to salvation.

Apart from the exceptional work the author did with breaking down verses, history lessons and excellent narration, something else stood out in his writing; how honest and rational he was. Allen Steely freely unabashedly lays out his thoughts and is honest with his opinions on different things in life. The author does not sugar coat his opinions and tells it how it is. He also appears to be reasonable and someone whom every believer would want to have a sober discussion with. A God-Centered View of Salvation is enlightening and is useful to both Christians and non-Christians.

Pages: 278 | ASIN: B07PXVZWKS

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