The Awesome, Fantastic Greatness of God

Allen Steely
Allen Steely Author Interview

A God-Centered View of Salvation helps readers understand why their motivation for salvation is essential to receiving forgiveness for their sins. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Protestant Christianity stresses the steps to salvation — what a person must believe in order to be saved. Our motivation for salvation is basically ignored as we witness to others. But since the Holy Bible teaches that God seeks out our motivation and desires correct motivation, which aligns with His will, then seekers must be warned of this and taught about this as they approach God for the forgiveness of their sins. In fact, since God is Holy and cannot condone sin, a selfish motivation for salvation such as seeking to be saved in order to avoid eternal suffering in Hell for our sins leads to God rejecting that person and their remaining unsaved.

What do you feel is a common misconception people have about their relationship with God?

I believe that since we are the ones being saved most people look upon salvation as being for our sake. But God is primary and mankind is of lesser importance than our Creator. Therefore, everything must be first and foremost for His benefit — not ours. At the most basic level our Salvation is primarily for God’s sake so He can defeat Satan in spiritual warfare.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

The awesome, fantastic greatness of God (His preeminence).

The insignificance of mankind who is a created being that belongs to his Creator.

What God expects of us is willing submission to His will even in the act of our salvation. Selfish motivation is idolatry with “self” as the idol. We must humble ourselves before the awesome, almighty God.

That since there are many benefits for God in mankind’s salvation, just as there are benefits for us in our salvation — God’s are primary! We should seek salvation so God gets His rightful due and just trust that He, being a loving God, will bless us with our lesser, secondary benefits in our salvation.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

That God is sovereign, supreme, and preeminent! To be correctly understood, everything must be theocentric (have God at the core) including our motivation for our salvation. God is primary and everything exists for His sake! Even our salvation is primarily for God’s sake and only secondarily for us to receive our benefits.

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This book will tell you why our motivation for salvation is essential, is all important, to our receiving forgiveness for our sins. Even though it is mankind that is being saved, at a deeper level salvation is intrinsically about God receiving His benefits from our salvation. God is primary, man is secondary. Therefore, God receiving His benefits from our salvation is of primary importance, is foundational, and must occur before any of the benefits for mankind in our salvation even exist for us to receive. Because justice is an intrinsic part of God’s character, we cannot selfishly seek salvation for the benefits we will experience such as to escape eternal punishment in Hell, or to gain the pleasures of Heaven… and be accepted by God and saved. Selfishly seeking after salvation for our benefits is idolatry with “self” as the “idol”. You cannot be committing the new sins of greed, selfishness, and idolatry in the very act of asking for forgiveness of your sins! We must submit to God’s preeminence, His rightful lordship, and come submissively to God with our motivation being for Him to receive His benefits and then, and only then, can He forgive our sins and bless us with the side benefits for us in salvation.

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