Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks

All the power to build yourself up to a happier, more successful, more fulfilled person lies in you. Not everyone has the coping skills for the daily grind that is life, but everyone has the ability to learn them, which can make all the difference when it comes to finding balance. While people often look to external sources to find happiness and justification, they tend to fall short of doing so because those feelings ultimately are generated within. We are all in charge of our own fulfillment, we just have to be aware of the tools to get there and know how to use them.

Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks by Minii Begum is a substantive self help book that lays out some of the ways we can look inside ourselves and find the keys to our own happiness. The chapters are set up in easy to follow sections that cover a lot of the ground that we all need to become more aware, more mature, and an overall better person. Chapters include tips about forgiveness, mindfulness, maturity, boundaries, and balance. The book uses language that is broad, making the goals seem easy to achieve. I find this to be beneficial. While some people may need more specifics to enact change in their lives, others can definitely benefit from seeing the bigger picture as a means of motivation to take that first step. Begum continuously states that the journey to being a better you is not always an easy one, but the baby steps she does mention are generalized to accommodate the fact that everyone’s journey will be different. 

Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks is all about being a better person and breaks down the different places we can likely use some improvement in our lives to reach that goal. From self-awareness, to holding on to our anger, to the level of satisfaction in the workplace, many factors can prevent happiness and the ability to live life to the fullest. Begum aims to help each of us identify what is holding us back and shed whatever issues we may have.

The advice that is provided in this remarkable book is extremely solid, but will require the readers to really push for that change. If you are motivated and ready for change, this book will provide actionable guidance that has the potential to change your life.

Pages: 160 | ASIN: B096BDJM25

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