A Unicorn From Ancient China

Crystal Z. Lee
Crystal Z. Lee Author Interview

A Unicorn Named Rin follows a Chinese unicorn on a mission to find the missing royal Phoenix before the Friendship Concert. What inspired you to write this beautiful children’s book?

We’re a family that loves unicorns but I couldn’t find a unicorn book that featured a protagonist which looked like my daughters. After conducting some research, I discovered unicorns were a part of Chinese history, and even Confucius himself wrote about them. Thus I set out to write an early readers book about a unicorn from ancient China, along with a Tang dynasty princess.

The art in this book is well drawn and vibrant. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Li (Lily) Liu?

Lily lives in France and I’m in the US, so we had numerous video chatting sessions to discuss the illustrations. We both have children so at times our virtual meetings were very chaotic from hilarious kid-related disruptions! I’m just in awe of Lily’s talent. She really brought every page to life! She is originally from China, and I had lived in Shanghai for years, so this book was a very meaningful project for the both of us.

What were some aspects of Chinese culture that were important for you to include in this book?

I’m a big fan of ancient Chinese poetry, so there some Tang dynasty poems included in the book. And although this is a fantastical story with mythical creatures, the geographical locations are real.

Will you write more children’s book of this type in the future?

Yes, my second children’s book will be released next year.

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The Royal Phoenix is missing from the Tang dynasty palace! Princess Pingyang is worried. Can Rin the Unicorn find Fan the Phoenix? Together with her friends — Dragon, Tiger, and Tortoise — Rin embarks on a journey to mystical lands in China. Along the way, Rin discovers the value of teamwork and the warmth of friendship.
A Unicorn Named Rin celebrates the wonder and beauty of Chinese history and culture. This exquisitely illustrated picture book makes an ideal gift:
*Easy-to-read vocabulary enables confidence in early readers
*Whimsical illustrations encourage imagination in all unicorn lovers
*Storyline fosters dialogue around collaboration, empathy, and kindness
*Real locations in China make for an inspiring geography, history and cultural lesson

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