Spooks, Bureaucrats, and Tyrants

Daniel Greenwell
Daniel Greenwell Author Interview

Tyranny Reborn follows MI5 as they try to thwart individuals, and groups, from sowing chaos throughout the British Isles. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The setup for this story came quite late. I had always been intrigued by the world of spies, conspiracy theories, terror attacks etc. I was an avid fan of James Bond, and the television series Spooks and 24. I was determined that I wanted to write a spy thriller, I was only 18 when I had started to write it. Originally, many years ago, Tyranny Reborn was merely a couple of chapters at the start of my then ‘first’ novel solely to provide background for the characters. I had plans to write just three books but as time went on, and many more ideas later, more research etc I decided that I was going to instead write six novels. When it became evident to me that I was going to write the six novels I began to think about a premise for the first story in the series. The idea of the virus storyline came to me whilst I was reading a book on terror attacks and there was a chapter about a gas attack. I then researched gases and viruses and their role in past terror attacks. It was then I decided that this was the plotline that I wanted to use. I had come up with an entirely new novel which would become the first book in the series, Tyranny Reborn and the book that I originally had written, which I called The Creeping Fear became the third novel.

Your characters were intriguing and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I wanted to create an array of characters with depth; three dimensional characters rather than one dimensional. I wanted characters that even though they were in positions of power and had great responsibility they still had flaws and were still humans who made mistakes. In Tyranny Reborn I haven’t explored the characters back stories, that will be for future novels. I wanted my characters to have personality traits, realistic actions, and emotions, and to be highly relatable to the reader. My aim was to have characters who would portray emotions like a real person would in times of stress such anxiety, anger and determination. Everyone has a story to tell and I wanted most if not all of my characters to have a story to tell in this book.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

There were several themes that I wanted to portray in my book. I wanted to explore such themes as loneliness, friendships, relationships, love, loss, death. While it is a work of fiction, I wanted my readers to relate to a story filled with realism close to the human reality of pain, despair, and fear. There are also elements of sacrifice, revenge, courage, and good vs evil in Tyranny Reborn. There was one theme in particular that I wanted to explore and that was betrayal which covers treachery and greed I think. I wanted to show just how far humans would go to achieve their end goal; how evil people can be and what they are prepared to do to get what they want. There are strong aspects of greed, corruption, and reckless ambition in my book. In contrast to that I also wanted to show humans are also capable of showing great compassion and sacrifice and some will do which is necessary for the greater good.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next book that I am working on is called The Rising Threat and it is the second novel in the Spooks, Bureaucrats and Tyrants series following Tyranny Reborn. I am hoping that it will be available in the next 3-5 years.

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A delicious tale of greed, corruption and burning ambition, Tyranny Reborn is a political spy thriller of epic proportions! In this dangerous world of secrets and disloyalty, MI5 try their best to preserve the safety of the British Isles, while vast amounts of individuals and organisations wreak chaos and carnage.
Max Reed, a tough, passionate, and highly experienced MI5 officer is placed undercover in a terrorist group to try and obtain three vials of a deadly virus that MI5 believe will be unleashed across the country. The operation quickly crumbles and Reed is kidnapped, along with the deadliest weaponised virus the world has ever seen.
This unexpected turn of events drives the Counter-terrorism team onto a mysterious and compelling cat and mouse chase that could change Great Britain forever!
Joshua Price, Counter-terrorism Director, and his team embark on an action-packed, trail-blazing secret mission across Great Britain where the people they meet run rings around them. After chasing lead after lead, dead-end after dead-end, fighting with politicians and scrapping with the media, MI5 finally uncover the terrorists’ infernal secrets and reveal their monstrous plan.
With enemies and backstabbers at every turn, Prime Minister David Wannop is also tackling demons. He and his Security Council must deal with the aftermath of a failed British Army operation in Iraq to rid it of a ruthless and relentless ruler. The legal ramifications from the UN, and the unrest in parliament are escalating out of control.
With the government in disarray, the country in ruins and a rapidly failing economy, it’s hardly surprising that the civilians are asking for answers. Will this deadly virus be recovered before it wipes out the British Isles? Will the UK be plunged into another world war?
Will the Prime Minister save face and come out on top?
Find out in this gripping, fast-moving, page-turner of a thriller. Be warned, though, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

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