Chicken Nibbles

Chicken Nibbles: Cartoons About Backyard Chickens by [Alan Corbett]

Chicken Nibbles (Cartoons about Backyard Chickens) by Alan Corbett provides a humorous look at the behavior of backyard chickens, with comic panels drawn by Cartoonist Mark Lynch. Readers familiar with chickens will recognize common behavior found in hens and roosters that they might have experienced first-hand, and readers new to chickens will learn many funny and unexpected facts about these unique barn yard animals. From aggressive roosters protecting their flock to hens maintaining their pecking order, these cartoons are sure to inspire laughter and bring a smile to the reader’s face.

This was a fun and interesting book, and I enjoyed reading it. Before each cartoon, there was information about common chicken behavior or chicken-related words, and these fun facts were used as the basis for the cartoons. Most of the cartoons were self-explanatory, but there were a few cases where certain Australian terms were used and some additional explanation was helpful to ensure that non Australian readers would be able to understand the joke. The cartoons in this book had a professional appearance, and I liked the artist’s use of bright colors and the individual personalities shown in the chickens’ expressions. My favorite cartoon was the chickens “playing chicken” with rebellious hens sporting a tattoo and piercings and taking a selfie in the face of danger. Many of the cartoons were taken from an earlier book written and illustrated by the author of this book, and it was interesting to compare the two drawings and see the differences between this version and the original cartoons. While most of the cartoons can be enjoyed by readers of all ages, there were a few that are not suitable for young children.

Although the cartoons varied and I did not feel that any of them should have been excluded, there was a bit of repetition in some of the facts. This could have been eliminated by changing the format of the book, so that a specific fact had multiple cartoons following it, rather than a page of information or explanation preceding every cartoon. But these are minor points in an otherwise wonderful book that I highly recommend.

Chicken Nibbles is a unique educational book that teaches readers about chickens in a fun and humorous way that will surely delight and educate readers of any age.

Pages: 116 | ASIN: B08ZKNRHQ4

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