Golden Shana: The Chase

Golden Shana: The Chase by [A P von K'Ory]

A.P Von K’ory’s Golden Shana: The Chase is not an ordinary romance novel. While the book’s main character, Roman, is a billionaire, that is not all there is to him. Unlike many other books of this genre, this story’s character has surprising depth to him and builds a fascinating personality beyond his money. Yes, he is dashingly handsome and is known as a ladies’ man, but he is also straightforward with every woman he gets involved with. He is clear about what he wants and never cheats. He is honest about who he is – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

At the beginning of the book, he is with Marie – a beautiful young woman who feels more for Roman than the usual lust. But sooner than later, his sights are set elsewhere, taking us on a journey that is the main premise of the book. As Roman pursues his new love interest, we get insights into her life as well, particularly the state of her romantic relationships. She is different from the women Roman has been with before. She doesn’t latch onto him immediately nor does she seem to be swayed by his good looks. She has her own ambitions, has money of her own, and is living a private life. And she doesn’t like to be ordered around. More importantly, she is dealing with some deep trauma that makes her wary of men.

As we read from chapter to chapter, it is easy to root for her and even hope that Roman doesn’t manage to pull her into his whirlwind of a life. If there is one thing the author has done well though, it is to seamlessly give us the perspectives of the different characters without divulging too much. By using flashbacks, the author has allowed characters to tell us their backstories without it feeling like the story has an extra narrator looking in. And since the story is in the third person, there is some uniformity despite the jumps we take between characters. Also, the book’s ending is unpredictable and there are enough steamy scenes to last you a lifetime.

Golden Shana: The Chase is an alluring romance novel with seductive characters and sultry drama. Fans of erotic romance will haven plenty to enjoy in this riveting novel.

Pages: 392 | ASIN:  B00WA7M3OC

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful assessment and honest review of GOLDEN SHANA: THE CHASE. I’ll certainly look forward to having more of my books reviewed by you.

  2. I love all the series! I highly recommend this book to all lovers of sizzling romance, action, drama, suspense and damn good writing.

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