Boone and Jacque: Saddleton Haunting

Boone and Jacque: Saddleton Haunting by [AG Flitcher, James Lillich, Holly Walrath]

Boone and Jacque: Saddleton Haunting by A.G. Flitcher is the third book in the Boone and Jacque series. There have been reports of a blood-sucking, red werewolf-like spirit appearing in the town of Saddleton, nightmarish to every being who encounters the ghastly living curse. Boone, Jacque, and Shammy, now orphans working under the rule of their new king, along with others, are sent on a journey aimed at retrieving that which will ensure the eradication of the town from this looming spirit. Hardly do they know their mission is more than simply a search for answers to an external cause, and they are constantly going to be accompanied by love, rifts, anger, and uncertainty along the way.

This engaging fantasy novel is replete with dreamlike elements. There is an eight-legged, four-eared, diamond-eyed, flying squirrel, and a house that is completely covered with tea cozy’s. Furthermore, there are flying rats, ink-black water, and bizarre rules and regulations at the Saddleton orphanage. The environment is surreal and amusing but also bizarre and amazing at the same time. The little details given to the habits and mannerisms of children in the orphanage are very well thought out. Whether it’s the girls giggling at the entrance of boys or the boys bickering and using rude language, the intrinsic traits of teenagers are evident. Ultimately, the relationship that develops between the ever-inquisitive Boone, reserved Jacque, and clever Shammy was something that was endearing to me. In addition, I enjoyed the author’s inclusion of modern-day topics in this urban fantasy novel, including feminism and homosexuality.

Some parts of this novel reminded me of Harry Potter and the mystique of the world is conveyed well. There are so many creative elements in this story that young adults fans will surely enjoy, such as the throbbing W mark on Boone’s chest, a half-alive demon feeding on an animal to gain strength, except in place of a  wand we have a powder that is intriguing in itself. As a Potterhead, I find this link amusing, and I think young adult fans will enjoy the connection, but I would offer a word of caution; there are some gory scenes and rough language used. But if you are not bothered by that then you will certainly enjoy this story.

The novel stirs up many emotions. There is anxious anticipation of the cursed living spirit, pity for the helplessness and loneliness of the orphans, and regret for what they have endured. Additionally, the empathy extends to Boone and Jacque, the two orphans with a dark past, who face difficulty venting their feelings. Boone and Jacque: Saddleton Haunting is a thrilling paranormal adventure story that will appeal to readers looking for a dark but fun story.

Pages: 301 | ASIN: B09BR2NZK4

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