A Very Heartbreaking Case

Marta Nater
Marta Nater Author Interview

I Am Beast sheds light on the important topic of stalking and specifically on the case of Jennifer Kesse. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wanted to write a book of this sort because truthfully I been there, I know what’s it like to stalk someone and become obsessed with them. And let me personally say that the inner feeling, thinking and dark thoughts that go through once mind is not pretty at all. My goal in writing this book was not just to bring into light the ugly reality face of stalking and how far it can or will go, but also to reach out to those who take these matters lightly instead of seriously. Being from and residing in Orlando Florida, Jennifer Kesse abduction story really hit home. Something about her abduction case is mysterious, and how it appears to have taken place is just off. And after so much extended researching, I strongly felt that Jennifer Kesse abductor was obsessed with her in some way possible. I truthfully believe without any sort of doubts that she was being carefully watched, and that her abduction was premeditated. I mean let’s be honest here, the abduction itself was just too perfect. Something evil was surely lurking around her that perhaps she herself may have felt uneasy about but at the same time she was oblivious of it within her own surroundings. Her complete disappearance for fifteen years up to date is proof enough that her abductor no doubt figured out ahead of time that she was not to ever be found by anyone. It is indeed a very heartbreaking case, while a mystery that by the looks of it, may never be solved nor discovered.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about stalkers?

Unfortunately people don’t take stalking nor obsessions serious and they make the mistake of seeing it as something that will eventually subside on its own. The majority of stalking victims are usually stalked by someone they already know. And what’s worse is that many fail to see that stalking is not romantic nor sexy, it is actually the complete opposite of it.

We should never be encouraged to interpret someone’s repeated attentions as romantic or desirable. Repeated unwanted attentions are not flattering or positive. Attitudes like these are reinforced by popular culture, which often portrays unhealthy behaviors as romantic and/or sexy. While we have become somewhat more sensitive to portrayals of domestic abuse and rape, stalking still seems to lack critical attention as far as the entertainment industry is concerned which is unfortunate. People should never underestimate a stalker. We need to see stalking for what it really is which is a serious crime that happens to too many people, too much of the time, yet is too often minimized by our present culture at large. We know that it takes a community to say no to abuse and violence. It is time that we as a community also raise our voices and say no to stalking, too.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is being stalked?

Stalking is frequently a precursor to much more serious, sometimes leading to lethal acts. So my best advice is to never accept any gifts from your stalker, that would actually be the worse thing you can do. Never accept or answer any calls from that person, avoid things such as unsolicited or unwanted letters, even emails. Always look back, front, side to side to make sure your not being followed. Stay within a public place visible to others in view. Always inform close family members, close friends as work colleagues, even neighbors of what is taking place and above all, report the person stalking you to the legal proper authorities. Keep a record of everything, even the simplest of details. Never confront your stalker head on, avoid at all cost as your life could be in serious danger.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Hopefully gain some knowledge and recognition on the topic of both stalking and obsession. All stories written in book are factual, each one took place. It is of the upmost importance that anyone suspected of being stalked should get updated with their current states laws on stalking. Don’t let someone’s pretty face, or charm ways fool you. Take it from someone whose been there, stalkers are no game, no joke, their thinking is without any reach, any reasoning. Their main goal is you and only you, as you have become someone they believe they can’t live without. Never take stalking nor obsession lightly, behind their face and smile lives a beast waiting to explode. Don’t ever put your life at risk over ignorance on issues like these. Stalkers are real, they exist.

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“I Am Beast” isn’t a book about a literal beast, the beast referred to in this book is more of a symbolical one aimed at stalkers who take innocent life’s as if it were their very own. Once a stalker falls into obsession, their reasoning becomes obscured. This book contains (5) Stalking/Obsession Stories, the last one being that of Jennifer Kesse. I solely believe without a shadow of doubt that she was being watched by a silent beast to which she was oblivious about.

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