An Increasingly Complex Puzzle

Author Interview
Sahlan Diver Author Interview

Sixty Position With Pleasure follows a man who struggles to make sense of a mind-boggling mystery while being a politically active citizen experiencing an exciting affair. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My genre is mystery thriller but in this novel, as in my previous two, I always aim to place the story in the context of an unusual setting. My first novel was set in the recent past (year 1990), my second in the present, so it was almost a logical progression to set my third in the future (year 2050). I tried to imagine what it would be like for a small mountain and lake side town in Ireland to become one of the minority of places in the world to actually benefit from climate change, through developing into a tourist hotspot. The futuristic elements are small but nevertheless significant, like the household food pot which uses genetically modified micro-organisms to churn out meat-protein, flours and spices. And the 3-D home entertainment system using holograms to create a theatre in your living room. And of course, robots, which have moved beyond ‘artificial intelligence’ to ‘artificial personality’ even to the extent of being able to make spontaneous witty comments. This futuristic town provides the background against which the mystery is played out. It starts simply enough with a hit-an-run accident, but develops into an increasingly complex puzzle, culminating in a surprise reveal and what I hope is an even bigger surprise for the second reveal at the end of the novel.

Charlie Gibbs is a fascinating character. What scene was the most interesting to write for his character?

Charlie is placed in many different scenarios, some pleasant, some difficult, all requiring him to draw on his personal resources in different ways, so it was interesting to figure out what he would do in each situation. I would have to pick out as a personal favourite the scene where the annoying alpha-male sales manager, Hogan, asks Charlie to translate into Dutch an invitation for sexy new boss, Ilse Teuling, to go out to dinner. Charlie translates, but slips into the Dutch a warning that Hogan is a total !***! and persuades Ilse to dine with himself instead.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Recent political events, both in the USA and the UK, are the target for the political satirical elements of the plot. Anther contemporary issue touched on is women’s rights. Also religion, though more the behaviour of ‘the religious’ rather than religion itself. However the novel is primarily intended to be an entertaining and absorbing story into which these more serious elements are lightly woven.

When and where will this book be available?

The book is currently being prepared for print, Kindle and epub formats to be sold through my website, Amazon, Smashwords and other outlets. Expected publication date last week of December, but may be a little earlier.

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