Ortzian Chronicles

Ortzian Chronicles by [Aaron Knight]

This out-of-this-world story follows two aliens from the advanced alien planet Ortz and the chaos that ensues when they take a wrong turn and crash-land on a convenience store freezer on earth. Sam Slade, a graduate student from Berkeley, faces a menacing scientist, the government, and a suspicious girlfriend in his attempts to help the Ortzians return home.

When the government fails to keep the extraterrestrials a secret, chaos ensues in Berkeley and quickly spreads. Now, the Ortzians and their human friends are on a time crunch and on the run from the officials, as well as the scientist’s all-seeing drones. Will they make the deadline or be stuck on Earth for a couple of hundred years?

The subtle humor centered around the two aliens is the highlight of this hilarious science fiction story. Physical humor of their multiple failed and hilarious attempts to disguise themselves reminded me of the whimsically humorous alien antics of the Men In Black movies. The aliens’ repeated conversations about how disgusting they find humans to be and the disguises they try to use to fit in all get increasingly ridiculous.

The storyline moves rather quickly, adding to the overall sense of urgency suspense and panic facing the aliens and humans alike in their time-crunch to return to their planet. This quickly moving technique leaves little room for descriptive imagery, but it allows the reader to get swept up in a continuously changing plot with numerous twists.

Ortzian Chronicles is a relentlessly entertaining science fiction adventure story that will keep readers engaged until the last page. The plot is fun and humorous and even though the action can be a little hard to follow at times, the chaos adds to the excitement and thrill of the story. This delightful alien romp is hard to put down, keeping the reader on their toes and eager to find out what will happen next.

Pages: 230 | ASIN: B00MBXWEH6

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