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The Toxic Consequences

Author Interview
Aaron T Knight Author Interview

Dr. O and the Eco-X follows a doctor who invents a way to eliminate plastic and pollution, but the innovation has unexpected consequences. What inspired the idea at the heart of this story?

Some time ago I was shocked to learn about the massive size of plastic waste afloat off the Southern California coast. What hit me was the reference to the plastic mess as being larger than the state of Texas! Then I saw some graphic photos of the ugly mess floating out there and the toxic consequences to marine life. How long will are “fearless leaders” be able to ignore a major problem like this? Perhaps when the first surge of the plastic waste drifts up Hollywood Boulevard?

This seemed like a fun book to write. What scene did you have the most fun writing?

It was fun to do a satire on a scientist, one more time. deciding he could outwit Nature and get away with it. They never learn. Eco-X creatures were fun to portray along with the consequences of ego saving actions, disavowing any involvement and of course a rush to make money off the glaring publicity. It was fun.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this novel?

The numerous reactions of people to the crisis from pointing fingers at others to proclaiming innocence, and how money always carries the day.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have a finished manuscript staring at me every day but I have to feel right about the story before releasing it. This one is another satire/humor novel but the feeling I get when I know it floats hasn’t happened yet. Thanks for your interest.

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Nature has its own rigid rules beyond the power of anyone to modify it without unexpected results. Here are a few examples of disastrous results for what seemed to be brilliant ideas at the time. Apparently Nature’s laws were ignored and without testing these things were recklessly launched. KUDZU is an African vine introduced into the South to combat soil erosion. This plant is aggressive and only has one purpose take over all of the forest space possible. Looking at a forest invaded by the Green Menace you can almost see it growing over trees.
KILLER BEES are an African species introduced because of its ability to produce more honey in a short time. Unfortunately it is agressive and will take over any area. Domestic bees aren’t bred to be fighters and are defenseless against these marauders. ORIENTAL LEAPING FISH were certainly a surprise when they began to appear in fresh water lakes. This little gem leaps out of the water as it swims, and eats water plant life voraciously. Another froriegn invader threatening to wipe out many species of domestic fish since they leave nothing to eat for other species. Swell.
Dr.O had great respect for the powers of nature and altering things in its domain was a perilous path. He vowed never to venture there.Dr. O spent 20 years using embryos to design a unigue creature whose diet consisted of the oil carbons in plastic. Any plastic. As genetist and DNA expert he created the perfect creature to rid the planet of the plastic mess.
Growing them out of embryos there was absolute control of the population since they didn’t reproduce. Success brought on unexpected problems as the world demand mounted and his embryo process was too slow to meet the demand.
Greedy pigs became part of the operation and they pressured Dr. O into making them capable of reproducing. No. no, no he protested—- But perhaps if he was very careful he could keep Nature’s laws out of his creation. No need to tell you there was hell to pay. Follow the wild adventures of the reproductive ECO-X and the humorous incidents they caused. Call them the Wild Bunch.
Demo at initial conference:
As we all know plastic is not bio degradable, but by removing their oil carbon atoms, the rest of the plastic components return to their natural state. He had to stop talking because the crowd erupted into hundreds of excited conversations. Joe stepped aside for Dr. O. so he could continue on with the lecture when the audience calmed down. They moved on to the actual field demonstration of the plastic eating animal A large round container was wheeled to the center of the auditorium filled with plastic scraps. The lab assistants opened the metal box and brought out one hundred Eco-X. They didn’t have to be coaxed to eat plastic They dove head first into the plastic and bored holes with their corkscrew snouts. Soon there was a low hum emenating from the container similar to the sound of sawing wood. They watched the level of plastic parts sinking faster and faster as the Eco-X creatures swung into eating their native sustenance. Within fifteen minutes all of the plastic was consumed. There were audible burping sounds coming from the container. At the bottom of the tank the Eco-X chirped loudly apparently a happy noise for a great meal. It sounded like the chirping of small birds, wrens, warblers etc. in springtime. Around them a vapor cloud formed and floated upward over the amphitheater. It rained inside the auditorium until the cloud was gone. It was all too weird for most of the guests who rushed for the exit doors in a panic. They were soaking wet and wondering if these glutinous little beasts might still be hungry.

Dr. O and the ECO-X

Dr. O and the ECO-X by [Aaron T Knight]

Dr. O and the Eco-X by Aaron T. Knight is a creative and unique science fiction story that centers around a doctor’s innovative invention to eliminate the world of plastic and pollution. Dr. O’s successful idea results in a small species of insects, known as the Eco-X, that consume plastics, petroleum waste, and pollutants to clean the planet. Initially, this plan works perfectly until the Eco-X evolves too quickly and consumes far more than expected, creating a disaster with bizarre and exciting consequences.

The author offers a fun and thrilling read that will keep readers captivated from start to finish. As the Eco-X catches the attention globally, it becomes a magnet for media sensation. It creates a new pop-culture icon that quickly excites and terrifies simultaneously. Despite the potential for danger and destruction, this novel offers some lighthearted and humorous moments that create a lively adventure for the reader. It is the ideal action-adventure framed with a unique sci-fi concept and written exceptionally well.

I enjoyed this brilliant story, which explores all the implications of “releasing” a genetically engineered insect into a world where there are many factors to consider, from legal complications and licensing the use of Eco-X for profit to the biological and societal impact. The author explores all the dark and funny aspects of Dr. O’s creation and how a seemingly simple solution to a complex problem can quickly unravel.

I found Aaron T. Knight’s Dr. O and the Eco-X to be a fantastic read that’s quickly absorbed as a wonderfully unique and entertaining tale. It is a fun story that I highly enjoyed due to the author’s humorous take on a science fiction disaster and the ability to keep me turning pages. Readers who enjoy thoughtful and offbeat sci-fi tales with an eco twist will enjoy Dr. O and the Eco-X.

Pages: 113 | ASIN: B0759Y6V2X

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Ortzian Chronicles

Ortzian Chronicles by [Aaron Knight]

This out-of-this-world story follows two aliens from the advanced alien planet Ortz and the chaos that ensues when they take a wrong turn and crash-land on a convenience store freezer on earth. Sam Slade, a graduate student from Berkeley, faces a menacing scientist, the government, and a suspicious girlfriend in his attempts to help the Ortzians return home.

When the government fails to keep the extraterrestrials a secret, chaos ensues in Berkeley and quickly spreads. Now, the Ortzians and their human friends are on a time crunch and on the run from the officials, as well as the scientist’s all-seeing drones. Will they make the deadline or be stuck on Earth for a couple of hundred years?

The subtle humor centered around the two aliens is the highlight of this hilarious science fiction story. Physical humor of their multiple failed and hilarious attempts to disguise themselves reminded me of the whimsically humorous alien antics of the Men In Black movies. The aliens’ repeated conversations about how disgusting they find humans to be and the disguises they try to use to fit in all get increasingly ridiculous.

The storyline moves rather quickly, adding to the overall sense of urgency suspense and panic facing the aliens and humans alike in their time-crunch to return to their planet. This quickly moving technique leaves little room for descriptive imagery, but it allows the reader to get swept up in a continuously changing plot with numerous twists.

Ortzian Chronicles is a relentlessly entertaining science fiction adventure story that will keep readers engaged until the last page. The plot is fun and humorous and even though the action can be a little hard to follow at times, the chaos adds to the excitement and thrill of the story. This delightful alien romp is hard to put down, keeping the reader on their toes and eager to find out what will happen next.

Pages: 230 | ASIN: B00MBXWEH6

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