The New Cold War

The New Cold War : Defending Democracy From Russia's Secret Tech Weapon (Relevant Book 2) by [Peter Zaccagnino]

A war is being fought on a battlefield that’s separated by thousands of miles. The New Cold War, the latest entry in author Peter Zaccagnino’s thrilling The Relevant Series, finds Russia developing a technological superweapon that can destabilize the balance of power between the U.S. and Russia and create a new world order. Can agent Chris Hodge and his crack team figure out the complicated puzzle behind Russia’s quantum computer and accomplish their mission?

Throughout this riveting story every character has a unique dynamic that makes them very engaging. They are either witty, intelligent, or brave and they all serve to educate the reader about various political and technical matters through their unique points of view and knowledge of world affairs. Agent Hodge is skilled, punctual, politically savvy and a chess pro to boot. He will capture readers’ attention with his personality. As the novel’s only female character, Miss Valerie Mosier, exudes an autocratic, modern, and assertive female vibe that makes her an excellent character in a contemporary thriller. Also, an important character in the plot is Sergei, a brilliant and frustrated scientist, which I think serves as an example of how people allocated with the responsibility of advancement of a nation must have freedom of choice.

In an otherwise business-oriented atmosphere, the witty exchange of views between the tech-savvy and experts of the cyber security agency really elevates the intrigue in this novel. The chess tournament and matches between Hodge and other players are also what I believe to be ‘the knight’ in the story, a crucial element to the book.

This is an engrossing techno-thriller replete with technical jargon that will immerse readers in the quantum computing world. While I was a bit confused, as I’m certainly not an expert in quantum computers, I think it did feel authentic and led me to want to research a bit about quantum computing to make sense of the terminology. Nonetheless, as the story progresses, the author has done a great job including the character of Bond, a person who is less acquainted with quantum computing, so that the experts could explain it in layman’s terms to Bond and the reader.

With discussions of diversified political views and capitalism vs communism, the author has come up with a riveting story exploring the New ‘Cyber’ Cold War between the U.S. and Russia, and educates the reader about quantum computing while doing so.

The New Cold War is an intellectually-invigorating political thriller that is high in social commentary. Readers who enjoy crime thrillers or suspenseful espionage action novels will have plenty to enjoy in Peter Zaccagnino’s well-crafted page-turner.

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