Porter’s Magic Apple Pie

Porter’s Magic Apple Pie is the story of a young boy making a magical apple pie with his Grandmother. The story starts when Porter spends the day with his Grandma at her house. They decide they want to make a dessert, so Grandma suggests an apple pie. Porter loves this idea, so they get ready to make the pie. Grandma tells Porter there is special magic involved in making the perfect pie. Together they work in the kitchen as Porter learns the magic of the apple pie is the love that goes into making it.

This heartwarming children’s book is filled with beautiful illustrations created by author Debi Moon and illustrator Gennel Marie Sollano. Together their artwork brings the words to life on the page with humor and easily relatable images. Mixed into the sweet story is a learning lesson too. Grandma explains to Porter about kitchen knives and the danger they present. She teaches him how to properly use a knife as well. They also discuss proper handwashing and explain why you wash your hands before touching food. All of this is done with age-appropriate language that young children can comprehend. There is even a moment where Porter sees his Grandma doing something unsafe and she apologizes for setting a bad example. I can envision this scene playing out in kitchens, as it happens organically.

My favorite line in this beautifully written book is, “Magic,” said Grandma, “is in the love that you added to make the pie dough. Every pie should be made with love. Making an apple pie for someone to enjoy is the best kind of magic.”

Porter’s Magic Apple Pie is an extraordinary picture book that will delight readers of all ages. This children’s book would be perfect for reading out loud to a class or as a bedtime story.

Pages: 31 | ASIN : B08DTCKSZK

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  1. Porter’s Magic Apple Pie is a fantastic picture book that will entertain children and adults alike. This children’s book is ideal for reading aloud in a classroom or as a bedtime story. Thank you!


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