A Battle for Her Nation’s Freedom

Author Interview
Mary Rae Watry Mauch Author Interview

Wild Colts Make the Best Horses– The Intrepid Life of Abigail Adams is a biography on the former First Lady and her life before and after her husband’s role as President. Why was this an important book for you to write?

All my life, I have admired Abigail Adams’ accomplishments and have felt that the Adams family has been overlooked. Even in my college history courses, the only woman mentioned as a contributor to the American Revolution was the seamstress, Betsy Ross. My own life mirrors Abigail’s, therefore I easily identified with her and hoped to transfer this empathy to readers. She was one hundred years ahead of her time on many issues, such as the abolition of slavery and equal education for women. My hope is that students will become more interested in learning our history, that they encounter teachers who make it come alive, and that our history is presented fairly, including its strengths and weaknesses. At this divisive time in our nation, all citizens need to grasp and understand the initial ideals of this nation so that freedom will survive! Lastly, I wished to leave my five grandchildren a legacy that includes a love of history, their nation, and the written word.

When researching the life of Abigail Adams, what was one thing that surprised you from her life?

Abigail’s incredible loyalty and devotion to both John and the country she helped to birth. Abigail not only molded bullets in her kitchen, but she also produced saltpeter using urine and rainwater to be used as gunpowder. Despite being aware that both her femininity and fertility would be questioned, Abigail drove a modest horse and carriage to attend many sessions of Congress while serving as the Vice-President’s wife. Due to John’s ten-year absence serving as a delegate in Philadelphia and as a diplomat in France, Abigail independently managed their farm, supervised the homestead, created homespun clothing to support the boycott of English goods, and educated their four young children. Her knowledgeable and charismatic influence in the White House reinforced  John’s relationship with Congressmen and Justices. In an age when women’s opinions were neither elicited nor accepted, I was also surprised to learn about John’s pride in Abigail as his trusted advisor. 

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from Abigail Adam’s story?

An appreciation for the imminent dangers the Founding Fathers and Mothers, particularly Abigail Adams, faced during our Revolution, a crucial turning point in history.  Abigail was John’s confidante and most trusted advisor, who despite the criticism she received as First Lady, she continued to staunchly battle for the advancement of America and the survival of her nation’s freedom.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There are so many fascinating figures in history that deserve recognition. I am undecided about which of these I would passionately devote my time to researching and bringing to life.

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Join an adventure walking in the shoes of Abigail Adams, wife of the second President of the United States, John Adams. Many stepping stones along this journey are first-hand accounts of Abigail’s correspondence before, during, and after the birth of her nation. Her forthright, knowledgeable insights reporting from the hotbed of Boston during the Revolution reveal the struggle of a young, loving family often separated as they balanced the needs of family vs. the needs of the emerging nation. You will encounter discourse from famous people and witness Abigail’s benevolence. She taught a young African-American boy to read, advocating for his inclusion in a traditional school. An early abolitionist, she also fought for women’s education and suffrage. Share her anguish as she buried four of her children. Realize Abigail’s political prowess as chief advisor to John. Abigail became the first of two valiant women to wear the labels of both wife and mother of an American president. This passionate portrayal of Abigail’s life highlights the hardships endured by the patriots to cement America’s values of liberty and justice for all.

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