Skye Moon has been trapped on a magical island in the Atlantic ocean called Sceadu. She was transported to the island one day against her will with no clue why or how to leave. Those that arrive on the island like this are called spellbound. They are trapped in this magical paranormal academy till the island decides they can leave.

When Skye does not return the popular boy Chad’s affections, she is shunned by most of the academy. This common scenario plays out all the time in schools with teenagers. The popular kid gets all their friends to ignore someone to get what they want. Teens will relate to many of the characters in this imaginative story.

Skye finds solace in her dreams of her dark-eyed boy, the one she calls Bellocaro. But in one such dream, Ballocaro says that he has put her in danger, and the vampire Nymir will track her down and kill her. To add to her precarious situation, the school’s headmistress has asked her to show around the new students, a family known as the Blues. Thatcher, Rane, Wes, and Alton have taken on the role of personal bodyguards to Skye whether she wants them to or not.

Author P.S. Meraux has written a new young adult vampire and werewolf story. This is not a retelling of other vampire stories, rather a fresh new take to draw in the next generation of paranormal readers. Bellocaro is an enchanting blend of a love story, action, and drama. The mystery of learning who the Blues are keeps Skye on her toes; while everyone else is mesmerized by their beauty, Skye picks up on the details that reveal their true paranormal identities.

The author has done a fantastic job building out the world of Sceadu and capturing the teenagers’ personalities that reside there. I could envision the groups all hanging out, and the characters, even non-human, teenagers are the same in this world, with their quirks and attitudes. The mystery of the brown-eyed boy with a mark on his hand will keep coming back to readers. Also, the drama of if the Blues family will capture Nymire will keep readers on edge.

Bellocaro is the first novel in the series and a fantastic start to this unpredictable storyline. With each mystery uncovered, new questions arise. Readers will be drawn into the fantasy world that seems too real at times and stay for the unforgettable paranormal characters whose personalities will keep them turning the pages to see what happens.

Pages: 467 | ASIN : B08L2M3QD2

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