Gaia’s Game

Gaia’s Game, by Ken Stark, is the story of how one day changed the lives of all those who reside in Keeter’s Bluff. With the help of fellow Bluff residents, Sheriff Tom Cooper helps save the town from a disaster they’ve never seen before. Newcomer, Emma Wong, explains “Gaia’s Theory” to try and understand the events that unfold that horrifying day.

The story begins with a simple wedding. Then, the Sheriff gets called away to investigate multiple animal attacks throughout the city. What starts as animal attacks slowly turn into murders. The Sheriff believes this is just a crazy day and that the events are not connected.

After meeting Emma Wong, she proposes the idea that Gaia has upped the ante and created a force capable of killing the human race that wouldn’t be so easily stopped. The Sheriff and Emma work as a team and with other surviving residents to stop the deadly force from murdering the entire town. Throughout the day, they realize that what they are experiencing is worldwide and not just isolated in the town of Keeter’s Bluff.

The sharp writing style and eerie tone of this book are blended perfectly to create a high level of suspense throughout the story. Every character that is introduced has their own unique characteristics and develops in interesting ways, even those who are only mentioned in the moments before their death. As readers follow the gory deaths occurring, they begin to realize who is committing all of the murders. The realization of who is doing the killing will leave readers horrified and on the edge of their seat. The enigmatic horror element of the story was one thing that kept me coming back to this book. This novel’s mystery has substantial shock value and keeps readers on edge most of the time. This novel reminds me of the dark supernatural feel of the movie “Sinister” or an updated “Children of the Corn.”

Gaia’s Game, by Ken Stark, is a suspenseful mystery novel for readers who love bizarre horror. This paranormal story will thrill readers until the end and leave them with a chilling conclusion.

Pages: 353 | ASIN : B098GQ4RTJ

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