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Tales From the P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son

Dr. Darrell Diamondback, an intriguingly sardonic character, finds himself immersed in a chilling real-life mission akin to the plot of a spine-tingling horror novel: to rescue missing children held captive by the mysterious bogeyman. As a seasoned CSI paranormal investigator, Diamondback faces an unfamiliar challenge that runs counter to his solitary nature. He must assemble a team to aid in this perilous quest. An unenviable choice lays before him: foster collaboration or jeopardize the safety of more innocent lives.

Tales from P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son, penned by J.M. Tilbury, is a riveting synthesis of a true-crime detective narrative interlaced with a spectral supernatural realm. From the outset, Tilbury exhibits a knack for engaging the reader, demonstrating a masterful command of descriptive prose that portrays the eerie ambiance of the novel’s setting. His consistency extends beyond mere backdrop details, encompassing the characters, their emotional ebbs and flows, and the vividly depicted scenes.

The dialogue, characterized by sharp repartee, succeeds in holding the reader’s interest, albeit occasionally succumbing to overly dramatic tendencies. Nevertheless, the characters, endowed with distinct personalities, are the beating heart of this novel. Their thrilling convergence is one of the many delights this book offers.

The book’s captivating descriptions, lifelike characters, and enthralling dialogue collectively contribute to an immersive reading experience that maintains suspense throughout. The overarching narrative quality, and indeed the engaging ensemble of characters, will have readers hooked. This page-turner is a delightful read, and I eagerly await the subsequent installment in the series.

This is one mystery that will have readers turning on the lights and checking on their families to make sure they are safe and sound. Tales from P.I.T. Crew: Case of the Wayward Son is a riveting paranormal detective novel that will have readers in suspense as they follow the thrilling adventure with Dr. Darrell Diamondback to rescue the children.

Pages: 252 | ASIN : B09V1BDKTX

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A Measure of Rhyme

Rhyme Carter’s life has been turned upside down as she finds herself married to the Antichrist and watching the man she loves, Emery Merrick, fall into despair. As Rhyme struggles to navigate the dangerous world, she’s found herself in, the Antichrist’s plans to fulfill an ancient prophecy and destroy the world are well underway.

But in Lloyd Jeffries’ A Measure of Rhyme, the second book in the Ages of Malice series, Rhyme emerges as an unlikely hero, determined to take on the dark forces threatening to destroy everything she holds dear. This intense and entertaining supernatural thriller is expertly woven with themes of secret societies, biblical elements, and an impending apocalypse, making for a gripping read from start to finish.

What’s particularly impressive about Jeffries’ writing is his ability to seamlessly incorporate a range of literary themes, from the paranormal to the complexities of love, betrayal, and heartbreak. Each adds its own unique flavor to the story, creating a rich and satisfying cocktail of literary goodness. One of the most striking things about Jeffries’ writing is the strength of his characters. They’re vividly drawn and stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. His writing is precise and packed with intrigue, making it impossible to look away. Despite the dark themes, Jeffries’ writing is also infused with humor, adding a refreshing light to the story. This ability to balance darkness and humor is a testament to his skill as a writer and makes for a truly enjoyable reading experience.

While it may take a little while to get into the heart of the story, the payoff is well worth the wait. A Measure of Rhyme is a must-read for fans of supernatural thrillers and anyone looking for a book that will keep them on the edge of their seat.

Pages: 327 | ASIN : B0C1CV1T1Q

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Go to Hell

Feeling stagnant in his successful career as a tech startup growth marketer, Alex is ready for a change and hopes to become an author. However, after his girlfriend gives him below-average feedback on his recently completed novel, he feels adrift until his friend Ernie demonstrates his new ability to get anything he wants. Ernie reveals that he made a deal with the devil, otherwise known as Lucy, a tattoo artist, and wants to share his experience with Alex. Unintentionally, Alex enters into a contract with Lucy and must now fulfill the terms or otherwise suffer an unwanted fate.

Go To Hell by N.R. Alexander is an entertaining paranormal thriller with dry humor injected into the ideas of good versus evil and knowledge versus beliefs. The author does an impressive job of retaining the reader’s interest in the story. This thrilling book offers a refreshing and irreverent take on the concepts and exciting characters to move the plotline along. It is a compelling and enjoyable read from start to finish.

Alex finds himself in a work contract with Satan and has six months to fulfill his end of the deal. If he fails, his soul is at risk of ending up in purgatory. The stakes are high, and I wanted to know what would happen to Alex, and this is what kept me coming back to this novel again and again. Alex’s character is brilliant, and although he comes across as aloof and seemingly lacking in emotions, readers may find themselves intrigued by his complex personality. While his hubris may create obstacles in the plot, it also adds depth to his character, making his journey all the more captivating. The story itself is entertaining, and the concept is a unique one that I enjoyed.

Overall, Go to Hell is a gripping paranormal suspense novel that gives readers a unique perspective on the traditional themes of good and evil. This intriguing thriller story is worth adding to your reading list.

Pages: 223 | ASIN: B0BWSH3FZG

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Death’s Pale Flag

Death’s Pale Flag by Gary Simonds is a thrilling book about the experiences of a neurosurgeon who loves his work. Ryan, the protagonist, becomes so involved with the patients that every death on his table takes a part of his heart and soul. He wants to save everyone, which leads to overworking every day and on weekends. His excessive busyness with work becomes a challenge because he starts forgetting his family.

Ryan’s work completely takes over all aspects of his life, and he begins to see ghosts or hallucinations of the people who died due to medical complications. They appear to be the patients he couldn’t save on the operating table. The doctor tries to understand the reasons within his capacity and struggles to decipher these apparitions. This further worsens his health, work, and family life. As his career becomes Ryan’s only respite and his family drifts away from him, one catastrophic event may bring him closer to taking life more seriously.

I found the writing style of this book captivating, and I enjoyed the intense details of brain surgeries in an easy-to-understand language that I could follow. It deepened my appreciation for neurosurgery and the delicate, life-saving procedure. In addition, the author did a brilliant job of expressing how remaining the life of a neurosurgeon can be and how challenging work-life balance can be to achieve, especially with a career in the medical field. Ryan’s emotional journey is captured perfectly, along with other characters in the book, and the plot development is exceptional.

The story’s progression blended well with the period, and I found the neurosurgeon’s personal and professional challenges exciting and, at times, amusing, which only made the book more enjoyable to read. This is a compelling book with a realistic plot woven into a fantasy story. Death’s Pale Flag by Gary Simonds is an excellent book, combining elements of a thriller, medical drama, comedy, and paranormal themes. It’s a worthwhile read, and I recommend it to fans of supernatural thrillers.

ASIN B003R3111E | Pages: 380

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This story begins with Jim going on his hike through the canyons. He’s excited about this trip and wants to make the most of it. As he was settling to sleep, a howling sound could be heard around him, coyotes. He examines where the noise comes from and discovers the strangest ancient ritual, the coyotes stood around a fire, their howls sounding tuneful. This wasn’t a ritual meant for human eyes; Jim begins to back away and run to his car. He can feel the coyotes all around until he meets the coyote, who wears a blazer, and a hat and smokes a pipe. Jim escapes, but not entirely – he is plagued by this coyote every single day. He feels unsafe and on edge no matter where he is.

Coyote by Charles Combee is a fascinating story about a coyote dressed smartly in a red blazer and black hat, which is powerful and not of this earth. This story depicts a coyote who has an unusual but deadly power. Jim escapes narrowly, but the same could not be said for Audrey and her family. Audrey and her family were just as unaware of what was ahead for them as Jim. The coyote tears this family apart, as well as causes the strange phenomenon of certain areas of land becoming ‘dead’ and generating a feeling of knives if you enter. Audrey attempts to escape but is caught and trapped alone in the darkness until Jim frees her. However, when Audrey is free, they discover she is still linked to the powerful coyote, and they must break the link for Audrey to get her life back.

This book is excellently written with interesting and unique characters. The world-building and the scenery are described so well that the reader can clearly imagine the surroundings and feel like they are there with the characters. Charles Combee successfully creates suspense throughout the story, and the reader can feel the uneasiness of the characters. This book is dramatic, exciting, and has a unique storyline, which is thought out and completed perfectly. I’d thoroughly recommend this book to anybody who loves suspenseful stories. Readers will be fully emersed in the world created in Coyote.

Pages: 178 | ASIN : B0BM52CT25

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A Portion of Malice

Two-time Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Emery Merrick is about to end his life when he gets the offer to write the biography of well-known billionaire Thaddeus Drake in exchange for a mouth-watering payday. Merrick accepts what appears to be a lifetime opportunity and soon discovers a staggering truth: Drake is Cain from the Bible, the first murderer who God caused to roam the earth forever. Merrick’s gradual absorption into Drake’s life reveals the secret society of immortals, the billionaire heads, and his plan to fulfill a biblical prophecy concerning the end time. What is Drake’s plan for humanity, and what darkness lies at the other end of it?

A Portion of Malice by Lloyd Jeffries is a thriller that weaves a fascinating and somewhat controversial tale involving events and characters from the Bible and history. One of its biggest selling points is how different it is. It’s thought-provoking, and some might even call it startling. The book’s pace is riveting, and the alternation between present-day and historical events creates multiple layers of engagement.

Jeffries delivers his writing with a beautiful cadence that lets you slip into the story easily and follow every action or scene being described. His descriptions are vivid, giving life to the story. His detailed approach to articulating his characters’ experiences is immersive. It makes his writing robust, provocative, and soulful, like a good poem. I always admire a writer’s ability to encapsulate an entire body of art in an apparent mood without being too obvious about it. It’s the subtlety that thrills. And with Jeffries’ book, you can always sense an ominous shadow lurking at the edges of the story the entire time. All in all, I’d call this a great read. It’s fresh, bold, and entertaining.

A Portion of Malice is a captivating political and paranormal suspense thriller that will have readers on edge as the nefarious plot unravels to cause the end of humanity. The journey of a man into the apocalypse and a confrontation with God himself will leave readers stunned and waiting for book two of the series.

Pages: 379 | ASIN : B0BG8ZPY7D

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Roger Boggs is a local sheriff in Circlegold county. Haunted by past traumas, Boggs dedicates his life to policing the small town he lives in. When a group of local boys goes missing, it starts him on an investigation that will change him forever. Aided by the mysterious Sears, a major in the Air Force, they must contend with a town hellbent on serving their own kind of justice. And when one of the missing boys shows up claiming that the person they are looking for may not be of human origin, it sends Boggs on a journey into the unknown.

From the start of the first page, I was intrigued by the plot of this book. Author D.J. Adamson immerses the reader into the suspense making this one book I couldn’t put down. Being a fan of sci-fi mysteries, this book had everything from the aliens, and the interesting characters, to wondering what would happen next. I enjoyed that the author didn’t stop describing each character. Instead, throughout the chapters, she provided bits of information about the character as the story progressed. This allowed me to get to know the characters without slowing down the story.

The author seamlessly switches between characters in the chapters without confusing the reader or interrupting the flow of the story. While I kept reading, I was mesmerized and kept in suspense. The author’s descriptions of places, especially when describing the aliens, are so vivid that I was creeped out while reading. The scenes where people start disappearing also kept me in suspense, and I felt like I was alongside the characters hiding from the alien. The icing on the cake is the ending of the story; it was not what I expected, but it was even better than I expected.

I highly recommend the science fiction thriller, INTO THE STORM: Aliens Among Us to readers that enjoy the unknown and want to be on the edge of their seat.

Pages: 319 | ASIN : B092RD6Q7Z

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Ghost Mark

Jane Walker is a tough yet gentle woman trying to live an everyday life despite her paranormal ability. Ethan Bryce is a bartender with a chip on his shoulder that loves his girlfriend, Jane Walker, and is coming to terms with Jane’s ability. Sadie Prescott is Jane Walker’s best friend and might or might not be missing her former hooker life. Jane runs into an old friend, Dylan O’Brien, but he claims to not know her. Jane is surprised by the brush-off but lets it go. However, it’s not long before Dylan becomes an integral part of Riptide, a club Ethan works at, but Dylan is not the sweet and bright friend Jane remembers.

Ghost Mark by JP McLean is a gripping story many urban fantasy lovers will enjoy. The lead character Jane is tenacious and kind, and her dilemma is fascinating and never boring. Ethan, Jane’s boyfriend, is tough, too, but his kindness and compassion are apparent throughout the story. Sadie, Jane’s friend, has a narrative that is interesting and compelling to read about. The character’s development throughout the story is beautifully crafted and well thought out. The way the characters interact with one another is realistic, allowing readers to be drawn into the world created by JP McLean. This makes for excellent reading.

Ghost Mark by JP McLean is a thrilling occult horror story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The crime constructed throughout the novel is fundamental to the plot and is setup in such a manner that you feel compelled to see where things end up. The action is set at a pace that never lets up. The world-building is expertly done and is commendable. Many moments in the story have you wondering what could possibly happen next, and it delivers at a satisfying pace. The author has provided an intense, riveting, and fast-paced novel.


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