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Her Demonic Lineage

David    Crane
David Crane Author Interview

Year of the Witch is the thrilling conclusion to your Demon Heart trilogy. Were you able to accomplish everything you set out to with this series?

I found working on the third book of the trilogy to be a very enjoyable experience. I loved exploring Naoko’s character and learn about her personality and how her unique constitution allows her to be a kind of a superhero with a vulnerable human side. I did feel that I have accomplished all I wanted in this novel, given its new level of exoticism and complexity. It was fun to place my characters in different locals, which show great diversity of landscapes, customs and traditions, as well as the mysterious forces of nature, which humans are not yet able to understand. This novel definitely completes the adventures of my main protagonist Naoko.

Were you surprised at Naoko’s character development throughout the series? Or did everything develop as planned?

I think Naoko has matured and definitely changed as a person in comparison to the first and second books. She has a unique demonic ancestral memory, which allows her to consult the spirits of all the members of her demonic lineage, and of course her primary ancestor, the immortal demon Yoshiko Nagase. I planned this novel very carefully, and wanted Naoko to maintain her strong moral values, while exploring her demonic side for the thrill of combat against the evil forces. Being a creature of darkness and light, she is and must be a killer when situations demand blood to be spilled. I wanted this book to be very entertaining as well as informative, and I believe I managed to include in it all that was necessary for the readers to embark on another adventure.

Writers often have to make difficult decisions about what to cut and what to leave in during editing. Was there a particular scene that was difficult for you to cut from this book?

Yes, there is a process of elimination that every author has to initiate when there is a lot of information presented in the novel. In this particular book, I had additional planned scenes of Naoko’s random confrontations with dark magicians as well as serial killers and psychopaths. I had one scene where Naoko’s daughter Satori goes on a school trip around exotic island and the ferry is taken over by a group of terrorists and they are cruel and vicious and shoot her to prove their resolve but being a demon hybrid, Satori survives and Naoko arrives on the ferry, exacting a bloody revenge. After some thinking, I had to cut the scene out due to the large amount of data I already had. It was a powerful, emotional scene but I saved it for another possible situation in the future. So sometimes cutting is indeed necessary.

Do you have plans to continue this series, or characters, in some way? Or does it end here?

I believe that there is definitely a room to maneuver in these series and I actually developed a possible idea for another book that would stand on it own but be relatable to the Demon Heart Trilogy. This rough draft, that is still under consideration of development would involve Naoko’s daughter Satori as the main protagonist. I am currently working on another, different book, but I want to give this idea a very strong consideration. I am very happy to be able to conclude the adventures of Naoko in a trilogy form and will look forward for many other interesting possibilities.

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Naoko Kitamura was born different from the rest. Born and raised in Japan, she is a citizen of the most advanced technological nation in the world. Indistinguishable from the ordinary humans, she hides a dark secret that sets her apart from ordinary human beings. Naoko is a demon hybrid, a product of a secret union between a pure female demon and a noble sixteenth century samurai. Gifted with extraordinary powers that defy human comprehension, she does her best to control the demon inside her, balancing the forces of darkness and light. Demonic powers in her family pass only to female offspring. Informed of her unique heritage, Naoko tries to stay out of trouble, but by being an extraordinary, she cannot live an ordinary life. When her demonic powers awaken as a result of a brutal assault, she is guided by the wisdom and strength of her mother, who has the same powers and has sworn to protect Japan from natural and supernatural enemies. After Naoko’s mother sacrifices herself to save Japan, Naoko honors her legacy and joins the Osaka Police Department. Serving with distinction as a police officer in her home city of Osaka, she serves with bravery and honor, saving human lives with extraordinary feats that make her a walking mystery. When her amazing powers come under observation by a secret government organization called Katana, Naoko is offered a new job. It was an offer she could not refuse, because she is finally granted an opportunity to serve her country on the supernatural front, using her powers to serve the forces of good. After saving many innocent lives, she commits one final act of self-sacrifice, saving her city from a nuclear meltdown during an earthquake.

After her official “death,” Naoko fully recovers and reinvents herself, moving to Tokyo and assuming a new identity. Now, a full member of the Katana organization, she married the man she loves and has two children, one of whom will have the same powers as she has when she reaches puberty. Facing enemies at home and abroad, Naoko does her best to balance her job as a government secret agent and a wife and a mother. Encountering human and supernatural threats, she hones her skills and serves with honor, protecting her country and the people she loves with extraordinary weaponry at her command. After Japan is once again saved from an extinction event from an invention of a mad genius, Naoko sees her children grow and her enemies multiply as the world faces New Year, a period known as the Year of the Witch. Encountering dangerous supernatural entities and human wizards practicing forbidden dark magic, she comes face to face with ancient powers of darkness and powerful mysterious beings that hold the secrets of the past and the future of humanity. When the orders come to retrieve a powerful supernatural weapon from the hands of a dark visionary capable of changing the face of Europe, Naoko stands up to the challenge doing what she does best. In this final book of the Demon Heart trilogy Naoko must once again live up to her reputation as a noble supernatural warrior. But there is no victory without a sacrifice…

Descendent Darkness: Legacy

Descendent Darkness: Book Two: Legacy

Legacy, by A.J. Macready, is the second installment in the Descendent Darkness series and returns to visit the families of Clarke’s Summit; a seemingly innocent town ridden with the darkest of secrets. Families will be torn apart, truths will be exposed and the Gaston family will finally learn the dark history of their past. When evil comes a knockin’, no family will be prepared for the deadly consequences that occur. Lives will be shattered when the demon that haunts Mike Gaston’s nightmare is finally brought to light. Who is the mysterious woman that has possessed his nightmares?

Legacy– Powerful in name, powerful in nature. Within the first few pages of Legacy, the reader is instantly given a feel as to what type of horrors they may encounter- a creature that can be “stronger, faster, and have greater sensory perception than man” and most importantly- be able to out reason them. And Legacy did not disappoint. The supernatural creatures were vicious, twisted souls that will be sure to give the most avid horror fans the heebie-jeebies.

The clues may be lined up like dominoes but with evil knocking on the door, Ally, Holly, Mike and the rest of the town will be faced with a supernatural presence unlike no other. Questions will be answered and fates will be sealed as we embark on another supernatural roller coaster with the people of Clarke’s Summit. Favorite characters will return and Macready delivers a sequel that will not disappoint. If you enjoyed the first book in the series, then I can promise you- the second one is even better.

The story flits between various families within the town which allow the reader to experience an almost movie like feel when reading the novel. The fear, the passion and the horrors twisted into the plot, created a sense of urgency and at times I genuinely began to feel scared! Much like a horror movie, I found myself mentally yelling at the characters to stay back, or to run away. I applaud Macready’s use of language and skill that created an air of suspense throughout the entire novel. Macready also plays on fears that many of us have had- the quiet darkness of when you are alone outside, the noises you hear when you are tucked up in bed and the nightmares that have you questioning whether they are real or imagined.

Rather than focusing on the romantic relationships, Legacy will draw you to the importance of family ties and once again we are treated with the beautiful bond between siblings Mike and Holly Gaston. Loyal and understanding, this sibling duo will find themselves facing off with vampire style evils who wear faces of those that they least expect.

I would would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a thriller/horror style plot line with a big spoonful of supernatural surprises. I could honestly see this novel being turned into a movie and I look forward to reading the other books in the series!

Pages: 173 | ASIN: B017SDSXKU

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Obsessed with the Idea

Robin Christophersen Author Interview

Robin Christophersen Author Interview

The Passer follows Eleanor on the one year anniversary of her boyfriend’s death as new powers awaken inside her and she is visited by other worldly beings. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling novel?

In June 2009, I was readying to go on stage during a performance of The Three Musketeers when an idea for a story flashed in my mind. That night before I went to bed, I recorded my thoughts in a notebook for a series of three stories, put it in the drawer of my nightstand and forgot about it. A year later I came across the same notebook and happened upon the page containing my three sentence synopsis. The subject matter dealt with death, loss and grieving expressed through a supernatural lens. I’m not entirely sure what prompted my somber thoughts, especially since I had not experienced the loss of a loved one in quite some time, but even as I read my words I had written a year earlier, something deep within me yearned to tell this story.

By the end of the summer of 2010, I was obsessed with the idea of a woman who develops supernatural abilities that have been dormant within her since birth and how these powers are triggered by the tragic loss of a loved one. In October of that year, after returning from a vacation in Northern California- what would turn out to be the setting for The Passer – I made the decision to write the book. For the remainder of the year I delved into some old favorite subjects-Greek, Roman and Celtic mythology- as well as Mysticism and the teachings of Esoteric Wisdom throughout the ages. All this fueled my desire to sing a song about death and grieving and in February of 2011 I began in earnest the first draft of The Passer.

Eleanor is an intriguing character. She is an accomplished actress and a professor as well. What were the driving ideals that drove the character’s development throughout the story?

I have had many readers tell me they admire Eleanor, both for her accomplishments and her struggle against a transformation that is beyond her control. Also, there are those who find her undeveloped and whining at times, mainly in regards to her ever-suffering devotion to her deceased boyfriend, as well as her head-scratching romance with her brutish, former husband. Eleanor harbors all these characteristics by design. Without revealing too much about her ultimate destiny, she will continue to develop, grow and surprise us (hopefully in a delightfully shocking way) by the end of the series.

Regarding Eleanor’s dual profession, that is based on two individuals who are/were (one is now sadly deceased) both university professors and active performers in their given fields. The one who most closely represents Eleanor is a gifted Shakespearean actress I had the pleasure of performing with in A Midsummer Night’s Dream who at the time was about to receive her doctorate in theater.

I felt that Eleanor’s powers were subtle and built rather dramatically. What was the inspiration for her powers and how did you keep it believable in the story?

From the moment the story was conceived I knew it would have a supernatural element driving the plot. As Eleanor took shape in my mind, her struggle to cope with her loss unearthed these abilities she had no idea she possessed. As she travels through her journey of discovery we are there with her, which helps to keep it real. The continuing acceleration of Eleanor’s powers is a key element that will play out through the entire series and will drive the plot to its final conclusion.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

We are currently editing the second installment of The Passer series, Ghostworld, which is scheduled to release in fall 2017. The story will begin where it left off at the end of The Passer.

There are two other projects underway. The first is Why I Love You The Passer Series, titled The Order.

Also in the works is The Magical Series based on Eleanor Bouchard’s sister Josephine Bouchard. Josephine returns to Ohio to live in her childhood home, only to discover that it is sitting on top of a supernatural fault that is brimming with activity.

The Amazing Amelia Monroe Series follows the precocious six-year old girl from The Passer as she matures in her powers while learning the truth about her deceased mother and biological father’s past.

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The PasserEleanor Bouchard wants her life back.

After a year of desperately mourning her deceased boyfriend, Dr. Eleanor Bouchard, a theater professor and acclaimed Shakespearean actress, is ready to move past the despair that nearly destroyed her. But, on the anniversary of his death she is summoned by a frightening apparition with a message:
Help him believe…

As she attempts to unravel her ghostly messenger’s meaning, she begins to experience harrowing visions of a missing woman and discovers she possesses otherworldly powers that have been lying dormant within her, waiting for her to awaken.

While Eleanor struggles against her emerging powers, Daniel Archer, her former love, has troubles of his own. His wife has suffered a tragic death and now the famous actor, along with his precocious step-daughter, Amelia, seeks sanctuary in Eleanor’s secluded home in River Mist, California-whether she wants him there or not.

As their lives intertwine, Eleanor discovers a fateful connection to Daniel and Amelia and suspects that the haunting events that brought them together quite possibly were destined to be.

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2PM On A Black Summer’s Day

2pm on a Black Summer's Day3 Stars

A mysterious box that cannot be opened. A line of witches and the melding of two very distinct spiritual ideals. Throw in the military while all these groups try to fight demons and you’ve got 2pm, On a Black Summer’s Day by IP Spall. An interesting story that takes place in a quite town in America spanning at least a decade while the true main character doesn’t make an appearance until later on. We begin with a normal teacher who is trying to make a few extra dollars from his eclectic collection of ‘junk’. It is Samuel that finds the strange box at a market but it will be his son Chris that opens it all those years after his father’s death. What begins as a drunken gathering unleashes forces beyond human understanding. Shadow creatures pour into the world of man from beyond a void. Their appetite is insatiable and they thirst for human blood.

Spall has a knack for the surprise. What first seems like a simple book about growing up and coming to terms with grief unexpectedly morphs into a supernatural thriller where no one knows who will die next. The surprise demon summoning is just that: a surprise. While we got an idea that magic exists and is relatively accepted in this world, there was no foreshadowing for the battle to come. The surprise works in Spall’s favour as it is executed quickly before the reader or the cast has time to react. This allows the reader to be pulled in and feel as though they are part of the story themselves. A clever tactic for sure.

There are some drawbacks to this book, however. Stylistic and grammatical issues aside, the story appears to take place in the United States of America. This isn’t clarified until a chapter or so into the book but it comes as a surprise. While reading how the characters talk and the description of the town, it feels as though this book takes place in England, perhaps in a small village or hamlet. There are certain phrases and ways in which the characters talk that do not occur in everyday American speech. This is not relegated to a single family, but affects all in the story. This is a bit confusing for the reader. Had the story taken place in England or anywhere else in the United Kingdom it would have seemed natural.

This jarring bit of speech aside, the entire flow of the book seems as if it has been sped up. Time passes in a blink and characters whose point of view we were reading from on one page are dead on the next. It fragments otherwise good storytelling and detracts from the overall tale as a whole. A massive battle occurs and then the story is just over.

Those who delight in reading about magic, the macabre and the quintessential fight between light and dark are sure to enjoy IP Spall’s book 2pm, On a Black Summer’s Day.

Pages: 139 | ASIN: B01MXPZ9TW

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