Haiku, Schmaiku, and Headin’ Out to Sea

Haiku, Schmaiku, and Headin’ Out to Sea is a fascinating book filled with author David Bayard’s personal poetry about his life experiences. The author surmises, on the first page of the book, the topics within this collection: “rabbit holes, flying metal boxes, churches, trees, the Higgs Boson particle, squirrels, underwear, and sea odysseys.”

First, I have to say my favorite poem in Bayard’s book has to be Crow. Though it is one of the short and simple ones, I like a poem with rhyme and rhythm. Crows (the animal, not the poem) are incredibly intelligent creatures and are not as appreciated as they should be. This small poem sums up their most unique and beautiful qualities perfectly. I also particularly liked one of the author’s first poems, Sailor. A song about doing what you love no matter what other people might say. The poem has a nautical theme that represents life’s troubles, conquests, and adventures and kind of reminds me of children dreaming of becoming pirates and sailing the seven seas.

There is no definitive definition of poetry or how it should be constructed, there are the basics, but poetry is whatever the author deems it to be. And like any art form, poetry is in the eye of the beholder. I found many of these poems to be little gems. Falling Into Holes, for example, has an Alice in Wonderland theme, but by the end of the poem, the author switches over to Winnie the Pooh and Hundred Acre Woods which is a pleasantly unexpected twist. This mash-up of children’s books and their characters was a unique experience that leaves the reader questioning if there is any connection between the two.

I enjoyed the images that accompanied the poems as they helped me reflect more on the meaning of the poems. It seems like Bayard has left many of his poems open for interpretation, and I enjoyed that because I could sit and reflect on what I had just read.

Haiku, Schmaiku, and Going Out to Sea: Poetry as Looking Glass, Poetry as Mirror is a collection of poems for those who enjoy nontraditional works and unusual topics. Included in this collection is the author’s own photography and artwork, making this a magnificent piece of art as well.

Pages: 164 | ISBN : 0996738088

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