You Can Have a Fulfilling Next Chapter

Author Interview Shelby Wagner

Learning to Dance in the Rain II shares your personal story of loss and grief and provides insightful advice on recovery and dating. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I felt like it was my mission to share my story so others could learn from my advice and experiences and avoid my mistakes.

What is one piece of advice you received that has helped you the most throughout your life?

To not waste time thinking about what you should have done differently that might have prolonged your partner’s life.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

I had several objectives for writing this book. 1) to share vital information so others can recognize when they are being “tricked” by criminals who paint a beautiful romantic future, only to steal their victims’ money. 2) to help widows and widowers have a “healthy” grieving journey, that it is okay to cry and to feel bad about their loss, and that it is also okay at some point to move forward and to build a happy, new life with a new partner if that is what they want to do. 3) to give some relationship tips to help others communicate better.

What do you hope is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

That they can now make better decisions in their relationships so they can have a fulfilling next chapter.

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“Learning to Dance in the Rain II,” by Shelby Wagner, is a compelling and inspirational story of loss and grief which encourages healing and activity as the means to progress beyond the grief and return to a life of balance and well-being. The author’s seventy-eight years of life experiences are carefully woven into informative discussions about multiple topics of interest including quality decision-making, self-awareness, and lifestyle comparisons so that readers can determine what they want to be “when they grow up.”
Should they decide to date again, Wagner offers the pros and cons of senior dating and internet dating while exposing the techniques of deceitful romance scammers. Wagner knows! She has learned the hard way and shares her knowledge to help raise awareness and educate others so they can protect themselves physically, emotionally and financially. Learn from a master! The life (or inheritance) you save may be your own!

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