Sailing the Milky Way

It is time for bed; the young child asks his parents to tell him the story of Yuri the dragonfly once more before he goes to sleep. Yuri is a dragonfly born of light and love, with a magical destiny ahead of him. This dragonfly goes on exciting adventures and explores the universe. Yuri is limited only by his own imagination and dreams, and these things take him all over; from sailing the oceans, playing in the wind, and even into space and exploring the Milky Way. This is a story of curiosity, courage, imagination, and love.

Sailing the Milky Way: A Passport to the Unimagined is written and illustrated by Eileen Ferriter. This whimsical and magical picture book is a delight for readers of all ages, with brilliantly colored images that pop off the page. Ferriter’s artistic style creates a world where children will aspire to use their imagination and create the visions they see in their minds. I especially loved the use of spirals in all the images; they represent a continuous flow of all things and tie into the title of the Milky Way.

This imaginative children’s book is written to inspire children to dream and create. Yuri shows extraordinary courage as he explores the seas and sky, venturing off into space to see what the Milky Way holds. The way Yuri explores his world is akin to the innocence of a child exploring their new environments, finding all the good and amazing things before them.

Sailing the Milky Way: A Passport to the Unimagined is a remarkable picture book that will mesmerize children with phenomenal artwork and a highly original storyline. Written for young children in preschool to kindergarten, this feel-good story will appeal to adults as much as it does to kids. This would make a great book for classrooms when introducing an art or creative thought lessons.

Pages: 24 | ISBN : 1977247016

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