A Deep, Dark Psychological Reason

Suzanne Smith Author Interview

Bullets and Bustles follows an ex-bounty hunter who tries to create a normal life when her world is upturned by a mysterious stranger. What were some sources that informed this stories development?

Emma’s highly proficient, confident, female bounty hunter persona came from watching Clint Eastwood in the spaghetti westerns he’d made in the distant past. Her angst came from one of the characters that had captivated my interest when I watched the old movie version of The Magnificent Seven. The character’s name was Lee. He was a professional gunfighter who’d lost his nerve. I find that I get a lot of my ideas from movies.

Emma Tombs’ character is intriguing and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

I wanted to present Emma as both a victim of abuse and a perpetrator of murder, in her own right. At the start of the story, Emma is destitute. Her only gift is her skill with a gun. She initially becomes a bounty hunter out of necessity, pretty much in order to survive. But, she chooses to remain in this lucrative profession far longer than she needs to. There’s a deep, dark psychological reason for her puzzling behavior, but Emma doesn’t know what that is until she falls in love with the young, enigmatic J.D. In essence, J.D. holds a mirror up to Emma’s face and forces her to see herself as she really is. With J.D.’s love and support, Emma is able to confront her demons and begin the healing process, replacing hate with hope.

What are some challenges to writing short stories that you enjoy overcoming?

The challenge of making the story flow smoothly while incorporating all that I need to in order to give each of the characters depth. I’ve learned not to sacrifice story substance for word count.

Do you have other short stories available that fans can dig into?

I have a short story, titled The Mortal Vampire, in The Mystic Desire Anthology by BVS, that is currently available on Amazon.

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