A Contrary Voice Of Reason

Michael W. Cook Author Interview

Meditations for Modern Man provides wisdom on morality, ethics, and everyday life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wrote this book at my son’s request. My book is a contrary voice of reason to an increasingly emotional and reactionary leftist society in America. For two decades I have been a parent, led Boy Scouts, and supervised military members. I have lived in several countries in Europe and Asia. I witnessed a severe decline in American critical thinking, rational thought, and historical facts. Contrary opinions to leftist (mostly Marxist and anti-Capitalist) dogma are literally being prosecuted as violating newly implemented company policy or worse prosecuted as a criminal without justifying the policy/law with facts, scientific studies, or logical argument. This is extremely dangerous and anathema to a free society.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

An old adage military leaders once professed was “I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It”. This maxim is no longer in vogue and is not a tenant of current Academia ideology. Contrary opinion is silenced and individuals espousing it are censored or de-platformed. “Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it,” attributed to St Augustine of Hippo.

There are a variety of quotes I found valuable like, “When Logic fails, Emotion reigns.” What quote in the book do you find you most often refer to?

The quote I most often refer to is “An emotional mind is blind to reason, quick to anger, and intolerant of contrary thoughts.” This is the crux of the problem. Emotional people who cannot or will not think logically are easily manipulated. Rational people, on the other hand, question beliefs and behaviors while demanding those who profess them to logically justify them. Challenged emotional people quickly turn to anger.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Everyone must be able to challenge what they’ve been told, justify what they think, and logically defend what they believe. As Socrates wrote: “The unexamined life is not worth living”. Most critics of my book assume it is a “conservative viewpoint”. It is not. It is an unemotional logical viewpoint of traditional American values and principles. I hope people who were never exposed to contrary viewpoints are open-minded enough to entertain a rational belief.

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Filled with inspirational quotes…

… this is the book you wish your parents gave you.

Have you ever questioned what you believe to be true?

Many unasked questions are answered from nine topics: Leadership, Morality, Logic, Facts, Liberty, Criticism, Character, Education, and Politics.

Do you regret not asking a parent, grandparent, or mentor about certain life lessons?
Get this book now for the answers.

This book contains unapologetic content that could be emotionally and intellectually challenging to the reader.

If you are easily triggered, this book provides the opportunity to contemplate your strongly held beliefs and question your cultural conditioning.

An open mind is a free mind. Recent studies published in Clinical Psychological Science “suggest a trigger warning is neither meaningfully helpful nor harmful.”

A must-read for parents and children alike. Meditate on maxims developed by a loyal follower, moral leader, and compassionate parent.

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