You Got This – A Tale of Courage

A young little girl loves to play in her garden. Here she feels safe and protected and can let her imagination flow. Her best friend in the garden is an angel. She and the angel do everything together, from painting to tea parties, to exciting adventures battling pirates or dragons. As the girl grew, the angel taught her to have courage, not just in battling dragons but against the fear that lived inside her. Whenever the girl was afraid, she would go to the garden to see her angel friend. Here she would hear the whisper from her friend of all the wonderful things she could do when she had the courage to follow her dreams. As the girl grew into a young woman, she became unsure of things, so she returned to the garden to see her old friend. The angle reminded the girl to choose courage over fear.

You Got This – A Tale of Courage by Wanda Carter Roush and illustrated by Nataly Simmons is an inspirational Christian picture book. Children learn that strength comes from within themselves from this story. The message of confidence and faith is inspiring. The girl in the story has no name, making it easy for young readers to relate to the character and imagine themselves in her place, fighting off mean words, battling fear, and overcoming doubt.

The artwork in this children’s book is breathtaking. The little girl, as she grows, transforms from a carefree child to an unsure school girl to a young woman filled with confidence. Each page is filled with details that bring the story to life and draw readers into it, making it easy to incision themselves as the character, not just someone looking into the book.

You Got This – A Tale of Courage is a beautifully written picture book to help children build confidence and self-esteem. The phenomenal messages of courage, confidence, and defeating fear will inspire young readers.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B08Q8SD46V

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