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Angela Herrera Author Interview

Above Us: Cuando Miramos Hacia Arriba teaches children to look at the world around them and observe everything they can. What was the inspiration for your story?

My inspiration comes from different sources. First, I got inspired by my own experiences; as a child, I used to see the world through my dad’s car window. Then, one day, I realized how far everything looked, how big the buildings were, the trees, and even how far the sky was. Moreover, I have two super active daughters who like to play in the swing, reach the ceiling, and look at the sky at night. Finally, five years ago, I moved to Florida, and the beauty of his sky spires me to talk about nature and its interaction in our lives.

What inspired you to write a bilingual children’s book?

My family is bilingual. We speak Spanish and English all day at my house, so I thought why not? to write a book for other families like mine. We also read bilingual books to my daughters. I believe that reading is a very important skill that kids need to achieve at a young age, the development of the language and the connection with the parents during reading time is essential, so I wanted to present a book that invites families to read together.

The art in this book is fantastic. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Alvaro Agurto?

The illustration process was a little long but excited. Once I contacted Alvaro, he started working on the sketch. In the beginning, I shared with him some ideas I had, like simple illustrations or images for some pages while he was creating new scenarios, characters, and places. He had a clear idea about the perspective and angle of some images that had to look from above. Alvaro is very professional, patient and understanding. We were a good team because our communication was always respectful and positive.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am working on the opposite notion of “Above U” s; I am not sure about the title yet, and I hope to publish it next year.

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2022 Book Award Winner Firebird – Bilingual/Dual Language (Children’s)
2022 Literary Titan Book Award Winner

Have you ever asked yourself how children see the world above them?
What do they see, how do they feel, or what do they like that is above them?

From a high five to a look up to the sky, this story narrates a particular view of the world and what surrounds us. In this book, you will find beautiful descriptions of common situations that will allow children to learn and improve in language proficiency.

Ganador del premio del libro 2022 Firebird – Bilingüe/Idioma Dual (para niños)

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo ven los niños el mundo que está sobre ellos?, ¿qué es lo que pueden ver en él?, ¿cómo se sienten al mirarlo?, o ¿qué les gusta más sobre lo que pueden encontrar al mirar hacia arriba?
Actividades tan simples como chocar los cinco hasta ponerse a contemplar el cielo. Esta historia narra un punto de vista particular del mundo y de todo lo que nos rodea. En este libro podrás encontrar cómo situaciones de la vida diaria son descritas de una manera hermosa, lo que permitirá que los niños puedan aprender y desarrollar el dominio del idioma.

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