The Annihilation of Ashar

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The Annihilation of Ashar, by Trevor Bartlett, is the story of The White Wolf and the Crown Princess of Ashar. Unknowingly, they bring about the end of the Kingdom of Ashar and try to usher in a new age of salvation.

The story begins with a prisoner, unable to be broken by the Inquisitor, and defying death at every turn. The Crown Princess, Isabella, becomes curious about this prisoner and what he may offer to the kingdom. The prisoner, Sven, takes a liking to Isabella and reveals his true nature. He is a god, metamorph, and the savior of Ashar. Sven is looking for his second, someone equal to him, and the elves are convinced Isabella may be who he is looking for. When her brother, the Crown Prince, betrays Sven and orders his execution the metamorph shifts and brings destruction to the kingdom. Isabella stands against him after losing her family, her kingdom, and everything she has ever known. Isabella dies, is transported into the ethereal plane and shown Sven’s past, then revived to ensure he works by her side to save Ashar. Together, they will be ushering in a new age over the entire realm.

The writing style in this epic fantasy novel is engrossing throughout. As a reader, you feel fully immersed in the story. The plot unravels methodically, ensuring a high level of intrigue as we slowly learn more, this also leaves readers wanting more. The relationships between the characters is intricate, and I really enjoyed the surprising depth to their back stories. The relationship between Sven and Isabella is my favorite and I enjoyed following their characters and watching their relationship develop.

I hope this is the first book in a series because the world being built here feels big and the lore feels deep. There are a lot of questions left unanswered, and I feel this story is not over yet. I can’t wait to read the sequel. The Annihilation of Ashar, by Trevor Bartlett, is a rousing fantasy novel. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoys adventure, magic, and fantasy.

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