Little Town Blues

Set in the fictional town of Fryebury Falls, this story revolves around police chief Mike’s family and a diverse community of people suffering from various mental or psychological issues brought together by the hand of fate. Like in a typical small town in Fryebury, everybody knows everybody, and their lives are deeply interconnected. But when Jack Cleary joins Mike’s department as his deputy, the fine state of balance between reality and fantasy, right and wrong, sane and insane, becomes suddenly upset.

Little Town Blues by David Gonthier Jr. starts as a police procedural and eventually develops into a mystery novel with a hint of paranormal in it. One might find it interesting how the narrative builds towards a particular ending but surprises us with a completely different resolution. Although it is unclear as to why the author chooses to conclude his novel in this fashion, it is not one that the readers can quite anticipate. However, it is worth noting how each character has been given the opportunity to flourish within the story.

The novel is replete with literary and movie references, allowing us to identify characters with specific traits or preferences that were previously established in the original works and giving the readers an impression of the vast knowledge base of the author himself. However, some references make us question their significance to the plot. One must admit that stories loaded with references can be a distinctive style of writing, but keeping the targeted audience in mind can be equally challenging. Despite the unconventional mode of writing, as a thriller and mystery novel, this book captivates readers with its innovative delivery and a healthy dose of melodrama.

Little Town Blues is a thrilling genre-crossing novel with mystery and suspense. From the police procedural side of the story to the paranormal elements, this story will intrigue readers that are looking for excitement, unpredictability, and memorable characters.

Pages: 368 | ISBN: 1639885153

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