The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a thought-provoking picture book that asks readers to reflect on their life. The book starts with The Big Bang. Because of the way the book started, I thought this was going to be an educational book about space, but with a few questions and the turn of one page, this short book turns into a contemplative journey that will inspire self-reflection and have readers wondering if they’ve lived their best life.

Every page in this colorful book is wonderfully illustrated; well, all pages except one black page that is surprisingly potent for being blank. The journey through the birth of the universe and the beginning of humanity does a fantastic job of setting the stage for the profound questions that will follow. The author helps readers see just how small we are in the universe, but also how lucky we are to be alive.

This is a picture book, so I had assumed this was going to be a children’s book. While you could read this to children, as I think they will be able to understand what’s happening and understand the questions as well, I think this book is just as powerful and moving for adults.

The Big Picture is a profound and intellectually-invigorating book that accomplishes so much in so few pages. It’s educational with its few science facts, it’s a meditative experience with the way it draws you in and makes you focus on an idea, and it’s a bit of a self-help book as well. This book is perfect for anyone that is struggling to find satisfaction or meaning in life.

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