My Own Experiences In The US Intelligence Community

MJ Javani Author Interview

The Billionaire’s Conspiracy follows a White House operative who is trying to figure out who is targeting secret agents and kidnapped his wife; he must figure out the answer to both before it is too late. Where did the idea for this novel come from?

The series is about a private intelligence organization named Unit 81. This entity exists to defend America against enemies both foreign and domestic. The agents of Unit 81, including the protagonist Janusz Soltani, are mostly former members of the US intelligence community.

Unit 81 was stood up because the former government officials were tired of how political correctness shackled the ability of federal agencies to fight the war on terror. Because Americans don’t want to offend anyone, there is a reluctance to discuss certain aspects of Middle Eastern culture, including the Islamic religion, truthfully. This was among the main reason that enabled the attacks against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon 21 years ago.

Furthermore, wars are a savage business that should not be fought in the first place. However, if a society decides to engage in war, it should not be sqeamish about using whatever tactics necessary (i.e. water borading or enhanced interrogations) to achieve its goals. That is no longer the case with the United States government, and thus the need for an organization such as Unit 81 that does what is necessary to win.

The idea for these stories comes from my own experiences in the US intelligence community and the politically correct induced paralysis I witnessed during the so called “war on terror.”

What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

There is an interrogation scene in Chapter 39 of the book involving the creative use of ants and honey to force an enemy agent to cooperate. That scene involved lots of thought and imagination, but it is by far the funniest part of the book in my opinion.

What experience in your life has had the biggest impact on your writing?

As mentioned earlier, my time in the US intelligence community has colored my view of the world in many ways. One of those is that the mainstream American media paints a far too benign picture of America’s opponents abroad and a far too simplistic picture of the reasons behind their animosity. Unfortunately, American media does not paint an accurate picture of the world. They choose instead to give little snippets with no historical context in order to paint adversaries in a way that will make it easier to push whatever narrative they choose for the American public.

What is the next story that you’re writing and when will it be published?

At the moment I have taken a break from writing to focus on advertising and getting the word out about my books. As a self-published author, I don’t have the resources of a traditional publishing house to introduce my novels to the public.

Having spent the better part of the past 8 years researching and writing the Janusz Soltani trilogy, I am learning about marketing and publicity, which is a huge and complex profession in and of itself. I am hoping to get back to writing once I’ve learned more about marketing and how my books are received by potential readers.

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Author MJ Javani has created a compelling conspiracy thriller that becomes more engrossing with each chapter.” –

The time is the present. A group of anarchists is planning to attack the White House. They are supported by a rapacious billionaire with a secret agenda. Across the Potomac River, someone is systematically killing members of a private intelligence company. Known as Unit 81, this group is not subject to the debilitating political correctness that shackles the federal bureaucracy.

A trusted liaison points the finger at the Russians. But all is not as it seems. When the Unit’s top operative, Janusz Soltani, discovers the truth about their enemies, his wife is mysteriously kidnapped. Time is running out to rescue her from a horrible end.

Fans of Robert Ludlum, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor will enjoy this action packed series

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