Encouraged Kids to Dream

Karen Quigley Author Interview

Dream Big… even when you’re small, follows a Sea Star who wants to travel and see different parts of the world; what he learns is traveling is fun but home is best. What was the inspiration for your story?

I was inspired to write a children’s story that encouraged kids to dream using their imagination and creativity. I hoped that the colorful illustrations would not only entertain but also, foster their ability to dream with a plan. I chose a sea star as the main character because like children, they are: beautiful, resilient and curious!

What came first when creating this picture book, the illustration or the story?

The script of the story came first but, was quickly followed by the Sea Star character along with his many quirky friends.

What educational aspects were important for you to include in this children’s book?

 Children benefit from positive encouragement to use their creativity and think innovatively. Our ability to learn bravery, resiliency and self confidence develop from trying new activities and embracing new experiences.  Children flourish and mature when they learn to appreciate the wonderful blessings that already exist in their life – such as family, friends  and “home” .

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

A new book staring Sea Star and his friends is well underway!  In this new book – Book One of a new Sea Star Series – our little star realizes he is “different” from his sea creature friends because he is not a fish. The story highlights how our differences make us each unique, special, and likable.  The cheerful illustrations with rhyming and repeating verse demonstrate how positive words and actions build self confidence and a positive inner voice. 

The publishing date for the new book is anticipated in early 2023.

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Brimming with fun, a charming Sea Star seeks out adventure and friends in far away places only to discover that ‘HOME” is the best place to be. The whimsical watercolor illustrations and easy rhyming verse will delight the child and encourage the beginner reader. Lighthearted and colorful, Dream Big … even when you’re small will become a ” read again” book on your shelf.FIVE STAR REVIEW – Oct 2022 – Literary Titan Dream Big…even when your small is an adorable picture book that will entertain and educate children. While the story is entertaining , the illustrations really bring this children’s book to life. The rhyming story makes it delightful to read, especially out loud. The lines are short and would be perfect for the beginner readers . There are lessons about using manners, making friends, being respectful and appreciating the things you have in life. It is an all-around feel good story that will remind children that traveling is fun and a great adventure, but to be excited and grateful when they return home.
” Dream Big…even when your small ” is a whimsical picture book that children and adults can enjoy reading together. The colorful artworks gives the readers lots to talk about and point out, making the reading experience active for even toddlers. This is a perfect picture book for the pre school and kindergarten classrooms.

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