Onward, At Last

Onward, At Last by Kevin Howard is a thought-provoking exploration of modern social issues and shows how we can improve humanity and our interconnected societies. We analyze these issues through a series of commentaries divided into five volumes. Each chapter has a catchy title and is quite short. The arguments are always illustrated by current and historical events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the direct consequences of climate change, or the history of America’s economy. Howard’s main thesis is that he believes in “universal oneness”.

The strength of the book is that it takes inspiration from several religions and is quite inclusive in that respect. This illuminating book also provides rationale that is backed up by numbers or historical facts, ensuring the information is grounded as well as insightful. The author also raises an interesting issue in education where he sees a lack of preparation for children and teenagers becoming adults.

While the length of the chapters make consuming the information very easy, I would have liked to have taken a deeper dive into some subjects and taken more time to fully shape an assertion or commentary. The reader should be aware that, although the book offers answers, the examples and politics mentioned are centered around the United States.

Onward, At Last is a stimulating read that highlights contemporary societal issues and provides some answers. I recommend this book to readers in search of meaning in life, or to someone wondering how humanity can unite, or to anyone that wants to understand how we can improve if we join forces. I was able to find hope for society in this book, given the current events occurring around the world.

Pages: 196 | ISBN : 1639886303

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