The Billionaire’s List

Greta Goldman is a reclusive young author who recently lost her estranged great-uncle, Richard Goldman. He was a wealthy entrepreneur who made billions in his lifetime and left it all to Greta. Expecting to quickly disperse his wealth to charities and organizations Richard originally supported, Greta finds out that her uncle’s will states that she must visit the friends and family of her deceased uncle. During her tour of Atlantic City, visiting people who loved and respected her uncle, Greta is determined to find out who murdered him and why. The Billionaire’s List by Cortney Donelson is a riveting murder mystery that takes a methodical but unpredictable path toward a resolution that is as surprising as it is entertaining.

The Billionaire’s List is a fun whodunit that will have you guessing who the murderer is until the very end. Using the classic children’s game, Monopoly, as inspiration for this novel is the icing on the cake. Readers will get to tour the city with Greta and learn new and interesting things along the way; sort of like Dan Brown’s novels. I can see some similarities to the game but reading Greta’s story is far more interesting. The mystery kicks off immediately, making this book engrossing right from the start, especially since I found Great’s character enthralling. The reader is given two clues right from the beginning, Richard was murdered and the killer is a woman, but the why and the who is just as entertaining as Greta’s character development.

The author has creatively set up the story so that I looked at everyone as they were a suspect including Greta herself. I was immersed in Greta’s world and thoughts and I was able to clearly imagine what was going on due to the vivid detail. I found it interesting that Greta is not too fond of the wealthy even though she came from a wealthy family. She had no obligation to carry out Richard’s will and did not want the money. She even went as far as to say she’d give it all away to the charities of Richard’s choosing. I enjoyed reading about Greta’s character and her deep thoughts. She is an introvert, but also has an active imagination which made reading about her thoughts much more interesting than it sounds and is a highlight of the novel.

The Billionaire’s List is a thrilling murder mystery with a protagonist that is just as fascinating as the mystery itself. This is a novel that was fun to read because of Greta but hard to put down because I so desperately wanted to know who did it. This is perfect for readers looking for an unpredictable crime fiction story, or for anyone looking for a suspenseful story with a curious female lead.

Pages: 290 | ASIN: B0BHM887ZB

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