Who Could Benefit From Such A Crime

Edward Izzi Author Interview

Contracts for Sale follows a reporter and colleagues who investigate a series of murders with no evidence to work off of but a lot of questions. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I have often fantasized while writing about the perfect murder, the perfect crime, where there are no witnesses, no DNA evidence, no surveillance records, and no fingerprints. I’ve often wondered about how such a crime could be committed, and who could benefit from such a crime. It was this line of thinking that led me to believe that if this were possible, it would need to be handled by a group of professionals who would profit from committing such a crime. Thus, the Eradication Inc. corporation was conceived, and CONTRACTS FOR SALE was written.

With so many interesting characters, both good, evil, and those in between, who was your favorite character to write for and why?

I am still attracted to my protagonist characters, especially my reporters like Paul Crawford and Larry McKay. In several books, my favorite egotistical, narcissistic news reporter, Chaz Rizzo will always be a cherished character. Little Tony DiMatteo is my beloved mob guy. He has been inspired by Actor Joe Pesci from GOODFELLAS & CASINO. Criminal Attorney Michael Prescott constantly reappears in my storylines. CPD Detective Phil Dorian is another go-to favorite.

With my books, I have created a ‘CHICAGO STYLE’ community of characters that interact with one another in various storylines, but still create stand-alone novels. With my DETROIT THEMED NOVELS, Johnny Valentino and Mikie Palazzola will always be my favorite DPD detectives.

A reader can pick up any one of my books and jump in, without having to engage in reading a series of novels in any specific order. 

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

As I have said, many readers have often fantasized about performing the perfect murder, the perfect eradication of one’s most evil enemy. It is always nice to create that fantasy and incorporate it into a new story line. Thriller fiction is a means of creating and envisioning your most perfect, most personal acts of retribution and revenge, and CONTRACTS FOR SALE explores those evil intentions.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on several, hopefully will be available soon:

Dinner at Tony Napoli’s, Evil Acts of Contrition and Never Catch a Firefly – these storylines are evolving and changing, so stay tuned!

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Embrace your enemies. When their bodies are found, you won’t be a suspect.
How would you like to hire the services of an elite group of professional assassins who will accept the assignment of deleting your most horrific adversary, performing the perfect murder without a trace?
Chicago Sun-Times Reporter Paul Crawford is asked to investigate a series of recent murders he eventually calls the ‘Houdini Victims.’ He begins with the investigation of a corporate executive who vanishes from a parking garage in the Chicago Loop without a trace. The most unusual fact about this crime is that there is no body, no DNA evidence, no surveillance cameras, and no fingerprints. This murder was done by a professional, and neither Crawford nor his Channel Eight reporter buddy, Chaz Rizzo, can figure out who it is.
Mark Stelter, CEO of Eradication, Inc., has found a niche and a marketable demand for those who wish to eliminate their worst enemies. For the price of $99,900, he has a stable of professional killers who can abduct any victim and make them disappear. With the help of his affiliate company, Eco-Green Environmental Consultants, he has the chemicals, the facilities, and the personnel to make any murder victim vanish without a trace. He conducts his covert corporation like any other corporate entity, with a board of directors meeting monthly and dividend declarations to his shareholders.
But when one of the directors attempts to resign, things get complicated. Stelter sends his killers to track down and assassinate the former shareholder. They use a unique apparatus called a ‘bolito,’ instantaneously killing their victims. With a section in the director’s contracts barring them from resigning and signing their death warrants, the shareholders of Eradication Inc. are now getting nervous. Although they are making millions, the shareholders now realize they are risking their lives and can only escape with their deaths.
As the victims vanish, Paul Crawford continues to investigate the environmental company and how they are connected to the recent Chicago murders. With the shareholders of Eradication Inc. wishing to resign and make a deal with the Chicago P.D., Mark Stelter struggles to keep his Board of Directors unified with an iron fist.

It is now only a question of time before either the reporters or the shareholders become the next vanishing victims of Eradication, Inc.

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