Embolden is a collection of poems by Sonee Singh organized according to specific themes. The first theme of objects and places includes knowledge, lore, magic, and mythology. The objects include concepts (poems such as ‘Energy’) and range from tangible to transient (‘Bubble’ and ‘Egypt’). The second theme of nature revolves around flora, fauna, and the weather (poems: ‘Solstice,’ ‘Seasons,’ ‘Noseeums’). The third theme of numbers highlights the significance of numbers in the poet’s personal life and their significance in numerology and cultures (poems: ‘Eight,’ ‘Twelve,’ ‘108’). The fourth and fifth themes are practices and beliefs, and symbols, respectively: rituals, mythical and spiritual (poems: ‘Mantra’ and ‘Cure’); emblems, signs, and ancient wisdom (poems: ‘Dot,’ ‘Sacred Geometry,’ ‘The Fates’).

Singh weaves little realizations into all of her poems—not grandiose profound ones but small everyday recognitions of a life being lived that instill an awareness of the world around her. The concept of energy in spaces, of how to balance and purify them, is seen in poems such as ‘Agni,’ ‘Smoke,’ and ‘Energy.’ Mindfulness evoked by music is seen in ‘Strings’ (‘less to prove and less to pursue’) and in ‘Dualities’ (‘it’s hard to keep track’)—also subtle comments on today’s overwhelming, consumptive lives. ‘Eight’ plays with form in both word and symbol—‘an infinity turned up,’ or ‘an eight turned horizontal,’ as does ‘108’. The practice of seeking comfort in confiding, almost confessing, to strangers is seen in ‘Sharing,’ and the sound of wholeness (aum) that gently reminds readers that each is a part of a whole in ‘Wisdom Says.’

The quotidian objects and scenes written about are done so thoughtfully and in a comforting manner. The single splashes of color on each page and the line illustrations are appealing in their simplicity. The book can be read aloud to children and adults alike, teaching readers to slow down and observe the world around them and to learn from and be inspired by a blend of nature and cultures.

Embolden is an inspirational collection of poetry that will leave readers with much to think about. This collection has something for everyone as it touches on so many different areas of life. It is the type of work you gain more from with each reading, and you will always gain new insight each time you pick it up.

Pages: 242 | ISBN : 0645450197

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