The Perfect Vessel – Book Trailer

In a world full of mediocre humans with predictable tendencies, who doesn’t love a little murder every now and then. When it boils down to the important aspects of life, you realize how important self indulgence can be. To do everything in your weak human capacity to make the most out of your few trivial years on earth meaningful. Why hold back from being who you really want to be when you can submit to your inner impulses? That little voice in the back of your head that whispers to bash a strangers head into the concrete. All so that you can watch the crimson blood spill against the asphalt. If you are lucky enough, maybe indulging in a taste. Humans don’t respect or value each others lives, so why should anyone else?

Or so he thinks, a blood thirsty Moid from the inner earth. Over the centuries, many tales of the inner earth have been told. Some cultures believing that it’s true name is the underworld. A place filled with the most monstrous and corrupt souls to ever live. Inner earth contains many lands, one of which called ‘Ara’. The most famous Moid in history has decided to take a trip above ground, the first of his people to walk among humans. Will he indulge in life’s healthy pleasures such as falling in love or wreak havoc on the innocent?

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