Dimension Guardian

In a world divided into five realms —Demons, Beasts, Darkness, Light, and Humans— that have peacefully lived for centuries, a sudden increase of issues arose, pitting one group against another and shaking the balance that has long been preserved. The Dimension Protection Council discovered that the threats were perpetrated by Guardians, the sworn protectors of all the dimensions, and planned to put a stop to it all by reinstating the Guardian Tournament, where the heroes of the world play their strengths against fellow Guardians, all for the betterment of the realms. Along with the decision came the choice of putting their best Guardians from each realm in a single group, who will serve as the council’s eyes and ears inside the competition. However, as the chosen five all partake in a journey that starts during their preparation and ends with an actual battle, they will soon discover that the competition and the controversies spreading about the realms are just puzzle pieces to a much bigger picture and threat for all.

Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Beasts – The Guardian Tournament, by K.J. Amidon, is an engrossing story that introduces readers to a highly complex world of magic and the politics of it all. While the presence of creatures is nothing new in the fantasy genre, this novel stands out for it starts with a decades-old mystery that was deliberately unpacked throughout the story. Readers with a diverse set of main characters experience ongoing conflict on all sides. They can comprehend the gravity of the situation and how it will affect the entire setting.

The novel’s beginning immediately pulls readers into reading more about the fuss. Each new discovery is devoured with glee as you anticipate what further information they will get on the following pages. With a lot to digest in such a short amount of time, the fact that each scene straightforwardly explained its events makes the story understandable and easier to navigate. The main characters were also well-written in that they were all given ample time to be highlighted in every scene, and readers understood why these characters were wired in a certain way. Despite the age difference between the five, they were all given amusing and relatable traits, gaining audiences’ favor one way or another.

Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Beasts – The Guardian Tournament is a gripping dark fantasy novel that hooks readers from the first chapter and leaves them astounded by its end. It is also an excellent start for a series of books, so readers can be assured that there is more to tell. I highly recommend this for anyone that is a fan of books such as The Hunger Games because they share a common theme of tournaments, and The Shadowhunter Chronicles, for it also tackles race and its conflicts.

Pages: 275 | ASIN : B00CZE0IV0

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