Rooted In Reported Facts

Ana Manwaring Author Interview

Coyote: Pursuit and Terror Across the Border follows a brave and ambitious woman trying to save a kidnapped teenager and get her to safety. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Because this is a serial, one book leads into the next. Book 1 Set Up tells us why JadeAnne is in Mexico. Book 2, The Hydra Effect introduces the trafficking, Book 3 Nothing Comes After Z explores the problem of human trafficking and in Coyote, the immediate problem of getting the victim of trafficking to safety is solved. Living in Mexico inspired me to set the books in Mexico, human trafficking, sex slavery and forced labor outrage and sicken me. I wanted to add to the growing awareness of these problems.

Some events in the book were chillingly similar to real-life events. Did you take any inspiration from real life when developing this book?

Yes! The opening of Set Up is a try story of what happened to me, although I was not kidnapped. From there I began to read everything I could on the burgeoning problem of organized crime in Mexico. I even went back to my local community college and studied Spanish to read Spanish-language news and commentary. The story is fiction, but rooted in reported facts.

Is there anything about JadeAnne that came from yourself or your life experiences? 

JadeAnne’s strengths and insecurities have a tendency to mimic mine, but I’m not adept at shooting a Glock, and I would so love to look as good in a bikini as JadeAnne!

Of course, Jade and I love the same Mexican food, music and leisure activities: cooking, reading and yoga. The dog, VW bus, and houseboat she copied from me! 

Can you tell us where the book goes and where we’ll see the characters in the next book?

In Backlash, due out  November 2023, JadeAnne and new love interest, Dylan are in Sausalito. Quint, Jade’s dad, is left in Mexico to unravel why his old superior officer from his Vietnam tour, is in Mexico. And why Nader is trying to kill him. As the attacks escalate, new allies show up to help. When the attacks suddenly stop, Quint realizes Nader is on his way to California. The question is, can he get there before he loses his daughter?

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Senator Aguirre is dead. Nemesis Anibal wants to get even. The U.S. ambassador won’t help. How will JadeAnne get trafficked teen, Lily, across the border? Anibal ambushes them in an attempt to complete their sale to Los Zetas. JadeAnne learns who’s behind the trafficking scheme, and they are getting closer with every attack. In a reckless move, JadeAnne puts her friends in danger, and gains new allies. She vows to see Lily home even if she has to walk her across the border. JadeAnne turns to human rights activist Rosi and new friend Dafne, for help and come up with Plan B— border jumping—led by a coyote in Rosi’s trafficking rescue network. It’s all top secret, until Quint insists on bringing in his old military comrade Nader. Why has he turned up now? At the mouth of an El Paso storm drain, JadeAnne learns the truth, but not before one is dead, two injured and her nemesis is on her tail. Can they out-run or out-gun him in time?

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