The Motive For Murder

Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. Author Interview

Do Nothing follows a homicide detective in New York City who is searching for a serial killer.What was the initial idea behind this story, and how did that transform as you were writing the novel?

I wanted to create a copycat killer, and thought that a familiar setting with modern technology would be best for readers. While creating the villain’s persona, I chose New York City to be Griffin’s battlefield.

How did you come up with the idea for the antagonist in this story, and how did it change as you wrote?

I chose revenge to be the motive for murder and I always thought that a hooded villain would be cool. You can thank the Grim Reaper and Death Wish for that.

While working on this novella, I thought about ways I could make it better, even during the writing process.

What kind of research did you do for this novel to ensure you captured the essence of the story’s theme?

Police procedure, New York City, names of different things, etc.

What will the next book in that series be about and when will it be published?

A Colossal Injustice: A Griffin Knight Corporate Murder Mystery is the next novella in this series; it is published on Amazon. Detective Griffin Knight leaves New York City to embark on a new case in Seattle. Along the way, he makes new friends and enemies – outside of his jurisdiction.

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A serial killer is on the loose in New York City.

This wasn’t the kind of day Griffin Knight looked forward to when he woke up this morning. Sure, being a homicide detective is never unicorns and rainbows, yet knowing the victim of a murder scene is up there with some of the really bad days.
There’s an avenger on the loose in New York with all the hallmarks of a long-silent serial killer.
But how does this serial killer choose the victims? Do the victims share something in common? How many more names are on his list?
Can Griffin Knight cut through the questions this guy is throwing his way, or would there be another murder?

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