His Story Needed To Be Told

R.J. Covington Author Interview

Satyromanic: A Love Story follows a man with sexual addiction who shares his story and experiences as well as those of the woman in the industry. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

During the pandemic, I met the main character of the book and spent almost a year interviewing him about his sexual addiction and his endless stories of devasting loss and trauma. I felt his story needed to be told.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

There were many themes related to the complexities of the human experience that I wanted to explore in this book such as: love, confidence, identity and purpose – elements that are part and parcel of our human psyche. Imagine if the fragile human ego was stripped of these things.  What might a person do to get all that back? What price would you be willing to pay? What paths would the nature of human desire take us on?

Did you find anything in your research of this story that surprised you?

A significant number of people believe that any addiction results from lack of control or discipline rather than a biological defect. Sexual addiction in particular is more often than not, thought of as something you use as an excuse when you are caught in an extracurricular relationship.  There was no conclusive consensus as to whether sexual addiction is a real addiction with professional opinions widely varied across the gamut of:  “compulsive behavior”, “psychological disorder”, “lacks intimacy”, “complete myth”, “not a brain disorder”.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am working on a novel about cocaine trafficking in the 80’s as well as a story about a serial killer. I expect them to be released in 2024 and 2025 respectively.

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As a married father and CEO of a booming tech company, the author was executing his long-designed plan to sell his company and realize the American dream. But in that exact moment of presumed triumph, dark ominous clouds rolled in, pelting him with a series of devastating misfortunes that stripped him of everything: self-worth, identity, money and family. The eventual journey toward recovery would unexpectedly thrust him onto a tollroad through the sexual underbelly of America. This is a story about one man’s descent from self-confident entrepreneur and family man, to social leper who furtively detours into the world of sex clubs, paid escort encounters and massage parlors. Along the way, the memoir digs deep into the minds and stories of the many women serving the industry, humanizing them in the process and shattering preconceived notions about these women.

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