The Idea Of A Serial Killer

Blye Donovan Author Interview

Marked as Queen of Hearts follows an aspiring author who seeks out the help of her ex-boyfriend to understand police procedures. What was the inspiration that created the fantastic journey these characters go on?

I don’t think I can pinpoint any one source for inspiration. The idea of a serial killer started with an alert I received regarding a body found in the county I live in. The methods the serial killer used were inspired by something I read in a book quoting a historical event. Some of the trials the characters face (not serial-killer related) are pulled from real-life experiences of my own. Even a few of the quirks, like the silliness of the heroine’s dog are based off my own crazy furball. So, the short answer? Everywhere. Being a writer means anything can spark inspiration and wind up in a story.

As a second chance romance, what was the inspiration for the relationship that develops between the characters?

This was the first, second-chance romance I’d written, but as I got into it, I knew it was something I’d love to write again. I’m a big fan of Persuasion by Jane Austen and the whole idea of two people separating but continuing to harbor feelings for each other years later inspired the way Rafe and Tori’s love story played out. With each thinking the other had moved on but secretly hoping that they hadn’t.

How did the mystery develop for this story?

Did you plan it before writing or did it develop organically? I write as a pantser, so I don’t plan my stories out ahead of time. It developed organically as I wrote. In fact, when I started, I wasn’t even sure who the killer was!

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on a free novella that features two side characters from my Rolling Brook Series. This will be exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. If you’d like to read it, sign up at my website: I expect to have Right on Target ready for them in May. I’ve got some other projects in the works for this year, but the next book I have a publish date set for will be the start to a new series. It will be set in a small town on the east coast, feature the same suspense elements, but star former military heroes and/or heroines. That will come out in September 2024.

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Can she stack the deck in her favor, or will this house of cards come tumbling down?

Tori Graham is an author with a story to write. The problem? She needs her ex’s expertise to make it believable. And he’s about as enthusiastic to be her consultant as she is to drum up their complicated history. Can she convince this jaded cop to help her without falling into his arms—again?

Rafe Alonso hung up his detective hat months ago, moving to Rolling Brook as the new police captain. What was supposed to be an easy gig becomes anything but when the case that haunts him follows him there, and his old flame shows up in town. Now, someone’s playing a deadly game, and he’s only got half the cards. Nothing could prepare him for the hand he’s dealt because Tori might not be the only one who got away. With the stakes running high, can they bury the past for a second chance at love, or will the killer Rafe is after, destroy it once and for all?

Find out in this gripping, second chance romance!
*Can be read as a stand alone.

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