He Falls In Love With A Spirit

Scarlett Dunn Author Interview

The Ghost on the Beach: Who Killed Eleanor Marlowe? follows a private detective haunted by a missing child case that encounters the ghost of a murdered woman. What was your inspiration for the mystery that must be unraveled? 

There are two primary mysteries in this novel, and I wanted to link them together in a unique way. My inspiration for the mystery of the kidnapped young girl came from a real-life incident that I never forgot. Years ago, in my hometown, a twelve-year-old girl rode her bike to a shopping mall in the middle of the day. Later, her bike was discovered at the mall, but she was nowhere to be found. Her parents never discovered what happened to their precious child. That terrible story had a profound impact on me.

My inspiration for the paranormal mystery was formed from an incident that happened to me. One morning I tried to make a call on my cell but it wouldn’t go through. I discovered that my phone did not disconnect from a call I was on the night before. It would not disconnect no matter how many times I tried. The phone would not even turn off. Nothing. I tried to tell the other party that I could hear them talking. Nothing. I overheard the person I spoke to the night before discussing our personal conversation with another party. What made this event even more interesting was I had been having doubts about the character and integrity of this person, and we were working on a few projects together. As I normally do to solve a problem, I asked the universe to let me know if I could trust the person. In an instant that morning, I received an answer to the questions that had been troubling me, and I didn’t have to do a thing. That revealed to me how easily the universe responds when you ask for help. That event initiated thoughts about the unseen world, angels, and spirits (good or not-so-good). I decided if I altered my perspective on spirits or ghosts, perhaps I could view them as not haunting but needing help. Voila! A murdered woman who was now a spirit in the novel was born.

What were some driving ideas behind your character’s development?

I didn’t want Steele’s character to be pigeonholed based on his profession. It was important to show the many facets of the man. Naturally, due to his profession, we expect him to be somewhat jaded, having encountered many criminals. But that is only one aspect of his persona. An innate sense of curiosity is his driving force. He is consumed with his cases, and slightly obsessive, but it is understandable, and even admirable since he’s trying to unearth the fate of a missing child. His desire to find missing people reflects his gentler side. His courage and confidence are reflected by accepting cases others pass up. His tender side is revealed when he meets the woman on the beach, and he falls in love with a spirit.

 What was the hardest part about writing a mystery story, where you constantly have to give just enough to keep the mystery alive until the big reveal?

 Ha! It involves hours of thinking! You are constantly asking the “what if” and “then what” questions. What if I go in this direction—then what? The most difficult part of this story was bringing these two, seemingly separate cases together in a believable form. It was challenging to weave the story as I slowly reveal the connection between the two mysteries. It’s a dance not to disclose too much too soon, all the while keeping the suspense alive. Another challenge was trying to remember who could see and hear the spirits and who couldn’t. It was mind-boggling writing the conversations!

Will this novel be the start of a series or are you working on a different story?

Yes, if I don’t lose my mind first! I am presently working on the second book in the series, The Ghost on the Beach: Murders, Millions, and Marriage, and the third book, The Ghost on the Beach: Till Death Do Us Part. I am also working on another Historical Romance. I have several stories on Amazon Vella. I enjoy the episodic platform, and it allows me the opportunity to write in several genres. It’s challenging and fun at the same time.

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Who killed designer Eleanor Marlowe on a quiet stretch of beach? A year has passed, and her murder remains one of many unsolved crimes.

Private Investigator, Steele Harper, specializes in finding missing children. Parents of a kidnapped child have hired him to find her. The police couldn’t solve the crime, and Steele is frustrated by the lack of credible leads, He can’t stop thinking about this case; it has become an obsession. Even when he’s renovating his home on the beach, his thoughts remain on the little girl who was taken from a busy shopping mall in the middle of the day.

Each night, when Steele is relaxing on his deck, he sees a woman walking along the shore. Who is this mystery woman? The last thing he expects is to become embroiled in a mystery so close to home.

Does he even believe in ghosts?

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