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Eliza Hampstead Author Interview

The Nephilim’s Fate follows a young witch who has been dreaming about a man only to discover he is a Nephilim, and their romance is forbidden. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

I always wanted to write a book that I would love to read myself. The Nephilim have been on my mind for a while, and I love stories with lots of magic and action. Alissia being a witch felt natural to me and gave me the possibility to explore the secret magical organisations in the story more deeply. While I was writing, more and more details came to my mind, as well as the arc for the rest of the story.

What was the inspiration for the relationship that develops between the characters?

I felt that Alissia and Nate had to fight for their relationship, and that their decisions should have consequences for the whole magical community around them. Their love should be a catalyst for change and a source of conflict that rages on far beyond what they could have foreseen.

How did you handle balancing the power and use of magic in the story?

Magic and casting spells are always great to read about. However, I didn’t want one magical species to be too powerful or too dominant in the story. There should be a delicate balance between the factions; the power struggle believable and engaging. Furthermore, I didn’t want to give Alissia and Nate too much magic, as this would quickly become boring and redundant if they could solve every problem with their powers. It is an important theme throughout the stories that the different magical species need to come together and unite to survive.

When will book 2 be available? Can you give us an idea of where that book will take readers?

Book two, The Nephilim’s Fear, will be released on May 16th and focuses on the love story between Azariel, the best fighter of the Nephilim, and Andrew, Charlie’s overprotective older brother. The story follows their journey as they learn to navigate their new relationship while also dealing with the existing supernatural threats caused by Alissia and Nate’s relationship.

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She’s a witch, he’s a Nephilim – and a simple kiss could kill them both.
Alissia spent years longing for a mysterious man who only appeared in her dreams… but when Nate rescues her from a group of supernatural attackers, she makes a shocking discovery. She’s a witch, and he’s a Nephilim – the son of an angel and a human – and love between them is impossible.
Determined to prove the old texts wrong and find a future where they can be together, Alissia wades deeper into a mysterious world where vampires, fae, and demons lurk among humanity. After she discovers a surprising revelation, Alissia believes she’s found the answer. But their passionate love kicks off a wild chain of events that threatens to plunge the secret magical world of London into war.
With sinister magical groups vying for power and old rivalries bubbling to the surface, Nate and his love are quickly dragged into a conflict that will shape the destiny of their world forever. Nate knows that he’s fated to be with her – but is he prepared to risk everything to stay with his witch?
Gear up for a hot and pulse-pounding paranormal romance that’s bursting at the seams with wild action, forbidden love, steamy scenes, and a strong heroine. The Nephilim’s Fate is an exhilarating read that’s perfect for anybody who wants to watch their fantasies come alive. Scroll up and grab your copy today…

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