Wild Thing and The Bagel

Who really adopts who when a family brings home a new dog? According to the author, Erin L. Neal, it is, in fact, the dog that adopts the family. In the nonfiction children’s book Wild Thing and The Bagel, Erin shares her family’s story about adopting two amazing dogs.

Wild Thing is an energetic chocolate lab that instantly falls in love with his family, especially Brady. They were best friends and loved playing together. However, one day it was time for Brady to go off to school. Wild Thing tried to keep busy protecting Dad while he worked, but he was lonely. So Mom and Dad brought home a new dog that had rescued them. This sweet dog was named The Bagel because she was a basset hound and beagle mix. It took a while, but soon both dogs adjusted to having the other around and learned to play together. They learned to share the family they both love and became best friends.

Wild Thing and The Bagel is a wonderful picture book highlighting some crucial situations families face when adopting an animal. From the seemingly never-ending energy, training them to be good citizens, and dealing with separation anxiety, many things must be considered. Adding a new animal to the family can cause jealousy, and there will be a period of adjustment. This book teaches children about these phases and explains how it is normal. This is a great children’s book to read to kids when families want to get a new pet to help the whole family know what to expect.

Pages: 41 | ASIN : B0BP514VVK

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