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Justice in the Age of Judgment

Anne Bremner’s and Doug Bremner’s Justice in the Age of Judgment is a critical examination of the role of media and the public amidst some of the most publicized murder trials in recent history. While Bremner uses the tumultuous trial of Amanda Knox, a young American falsely convicted of murdering her roommate in Italy, as a segue for covering the effects of the media on other well-documented trials involving the likes of O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony, Susan Cox Powell, and Ahmaud Arbery, her primary focus is the imperfections of the American judicial system.

Bremner does a stellar job at introducing each case in a manner that is accessible to readers while maintaining a modicum of compassion and respect for the wrongfully convicted and victimized. Both authors provide just enough background information on each case that the reader leaves with a fact-based, impartial view of all sides of the subject matter. They manage to keep the tone enthusiastic and conversational enough that the reading experience does not feel cumbersome.

Bremner’s background as both a full-fledged attorney and a front-facing legal analyst gives her a unique lens by which to evaluate these cases. She excels in leading with facts – even when the courts and the public seem to disregard these facts – and encourages readers to examine flaws of contagion bias in a time where misinformation run amok is powerful enough to sway due process. She displays a shrewd understanding that in the digital day and age, the fight for justice involves keeping the facts in the public eye as much as possible so that these facts alone make it to the courts. Moreover, she displays a keen heart for true justice, the ideal that structures her life’s work.

Justice in the Age of Judgement is an accessible, thought-provoking analysis of the judicial system, as evidenced by the cases discussed. This in-depth look at media and law is insightful and educational.

Pages: 280 | ASIN : B07TH9WMHT

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The Essence of Music

Dr. Len Bergantino starts the book by giving a little background information about himself. He writes of when he was born and how his love for music started. Next, the author discusses his father, Dan Bergantino, and how he started him off reading music. Reading about Dr. Len Bergantino’s early years was thrilling and gave one a sense of nostalgia. I enjoyed reading about his interaction with musical instruments, how different elements inspired him to love music, and how jolly he was. The first chapter of this book is cheerful and gets one excited about the rest of the book. Dr. Len Bergantino knows how to draw a reader to his art as he writes from his heart.

The Essence of Music: Musicality, Pure Sound, the Art of Melody, and Inner Peace is an intense collection of information in relation to music. Why do people make music? How music influences the world, the author’s relationship with music and lessons learned, the significance of making constructive music, and many more things. Dr. Len Bergantino has a backstory for almost everything he writes about. I applaud the author for his style of writing as it makes the reader understand how every instrument is special and why art is distinct to every individual. Music heals the soul and is also used to spread messages. Dr. Len Bergantino shares personal tales as he writes about his love for music. My favorite story from the author is about the night he was Sophia Loren’s bodyguard. I enjoyed reading about that night’s activities at the Italian Cultural Institute in 1996.

Dr. Len Bergantino is an excellent writer and is also a man of culture. It is remarkable how the author is knowledgeable and connected to his roots. Reading about Dr. Len Bergantino will inspire the reader to bond more with their traditions and appreciate where one comes from. His approach of using Caps in some sentences was attention-grabbing as it gets one to read in a different tone and also stresses the message he was to share.

This entertaining book reads like a mini autobiography for Dr. Len Bergantino. The major topic is music and its effects, but the parts that stick with readers are the personal tales shared by the author. You can never go a few pages without some comic relief as the author gets to be hilarious when talking about himself.

In The Essence of Music, you will learn about different musical instruments, how to play them and how crucial they all are. Through the author’s story, you become exposed to different cultures and learn some complexities of life. This book is energizing to read and a great work of art when it comes to musicality. One of the major lessons you learn as a reader is that music has a healing component and the kind of music you listen to influences your perspective of life.

Pages: 286 | ASIN : B0876Q22FV

The FIFO Wives’ Tales

The Fifo Wives’ Tales by Yasmin Walter is a non-fiction book that explores the lives and minds of FIFO wives. FIFO stands for fly-in fly-out lifestyle. From far afar this lifestyle might seem luxurious and easy money, but with magnifying scopes, the reality emerges. All these wives have their share of challenges to cope with. Even when the money is abundant, it has sacrifices and struggles of its own. With each FIFO wife telling her own story, we get a peek into the variety of people involved in the FIFO lifestyle and the impact it has on different individuals.

Each of these FIFO wives shows us a part of their life and their struggles. Each one is unique in its way and yet has glaring similarities. This book breaks the misconceptions surrounding the FIFO lifestyle and how it is not for everyone. Even when they are not fully satisfied with this way of living, some things work out for these FIFO wives and they prefer to stay like that. It has its pros and cons, like any other industry.

As all the writings are by real-life women with their way of explaining their life, the writing style continues to change from wife to wife. It kept me interested and curious throughout the book. However, there are some instances of miscarriage, accidents, affairs, etc. which might trigger some people. FIFO wives have explored the physical and emotional stress their life and relationship go through and many of them have suggested ways to cope with them as well.

I was not aware of how harrowing it can be for both partners to manage their lifestyles around the FIFO lifestyle. Many people tend to compare the struggles of both the partners and rate one higher than the other; the reality is that they both are in this together, struggling in their ways and handling it as best as they can.

Yasmin Walter changes the way we look at FIFO couples and breaks misconceptions and preconceived notions we place upon them before we get to know them. I appreciated that the author has written this novel as a way for FIFO wives to support one another. I recommend this book to those who are curious about the FIFO lifestyle as Walters and the other FIFO wives share their stories, unfiltered.

Pages: 170 | ASIN : B09CC5Y5VK

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The Liminal Loop

The Liminal Loop: Astonishing Stories of Discovery and Hope is an anthology of short stories that take the reader through different periods of life, different mental spaces, and a world many adults have been in. Editor Timothy Carson compiled intriguing, stimulating, and moving stories that will not only get the reader to reflect on themself but also help them in their critical thinking.

This thought-provoking book is written in a language that the average reader can smoothly comprehend. The authors’ styles are straightforward, easy, and gripping. The author’s friendly and engaging natures are some of the most notable elements in this book.

Throughout the compelling stories, the author answers hundreds of questions that many adults battle with. There is a form of self-realization that comes with reading this book. You think about the serendipity that life brings, anxiety, and sometimes even depression. Timothy L. Carson uses his writing skill to ease the despair and indecision in the reader’s head.

This inspiring book covers a variety of subjects that are significant at different stages of life. The chapters in the book are diverse but also intertwined with each other. Through the stories, you get advice on issues such as politics, religion, social life, economics, love, war, peace, forgiveness, relationships, and general human interaction. The lessons in this book are refreshing, and the stories shared by the author are even more uplifting. In addition, the author showed discretion and sensitivity when discussing sensitive issues that may upset readers.

This book is a beacon of hope when life feels overwhelming and the hurdles insurmountable. I appreciate the author for the tales shared in the book and for selecting unique topics that not many authors have written about. The content in the book is wholesome and has a lasting impact on the reader. 

The Liminal Loop: Astonishing Stories of Discovery and Hope is a collection of stories about humans’ struggles and how they persevere. The impressive language in the book will captivate readers and hold their attention, while the lessons in each chapter will stay with them long after the book is finished.

Pages: 212 | ASIN : B09TG595ZF

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Based on a True (Traumatic) Brain History

In the blunt and honest book, Mark Allen narrates his life story Based on A True (Traumatic) Brain History: A Short Memoir. Covering topics like his struggle of living with a brain injury, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and some deep reflections about his ways of coping with difficult circumstances, Allen gives readers a look into his world with the hope that his story will help others. 

The book is divided into multiple short chapters, but you can trace a clear pattern between the first and second half. The first part deals with his early life, college, experiences as a professional MMA fighter, while the second part deals with the challenges that come with TBI, feeling suicidal and mental health struggles. In the course of the memoir, you’ll learn that the author struggled with substance addictions, but he overcame them and went on to donate a kidney to his ailing mother. Likewise, the author felt heartbroken after the traumatic brain injury (TBI)  because it took away his passion, but he managed to sail on. 

The best part of this book is that the author never dwells on self-pity. It’s more about the journey and process, how an individual deals with unforeseen circumstances with a practical approach, and how to find a purpose in life. His positive outlook towards life gives the readers hope, rendering a universal appeal to the story. The book starts off candidly as if the author is sitting right in front of you in a coffee shop and having a casual chit-chat. He keeps this conversational tone alive throughout the book, occasionally tinged with his refreshing humor. 

The storytelling is honest and easy-flowing. The language is lucid. It gives the readers a glimpse into the author’s life so far, his battles, his practical approach to move ahead in dark times, and his realizations. There is no preaching, only heartfelt expressions and actual incidents recollected from the author’s memory.

Based on A True (Traumatic) Brain History: A Short Memoir is more than just the story of Mark Allen’s life. This through-provoking book is an excellent read for those struggling with addiction, medical injuries, TBI, or anyone that just needs a quick motivational read.

Pages: 242 | ASIN : B08TQNXDPF

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